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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lucky but Backside Itchy

After the Cockteaser 2, I decided to close my short position for Usd/Jpy as it went down a little bit when I had the chance, it  was just before BOJ Monetary Policy Statement and I didn't had good feeling staying in this pair. Closed out +156 pips before the announcement.

Lucky I was, it shot up about 200 over pips after the news release, if I had stayed it would have been another pierced into the ass stop-loss, phew.

I remained watching this pair for an hour or so closely, until I thought the momentum was slowing down, I wanted to grab a bit of retracement. You can call it greed, or itchy backside. It didn't went down a bit, but hit my -50 pips stop-loss later in the day.

That's it for the week. Stayed at the sidelines for NFP.

Happy weekend.


1 comment:

forexpic said...

I like usd/jpy, it is very profitable when you trade with good system and long term period :)

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