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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aud/Usd & Eur/Usd - Bag Them Up!

Was watching the slow market on and off throughout the day. Started off with the price going down. Later in the day, it slowly moves up, but there seem to be some kind of resistance. I believe Fibonacci Retracement can see such various support and resistance more clearly along the way, than my simple moving average which only present historical and overall trend of the price. Yesterday's order was hit, I also entered another Long to Eur/usd this morning before going to work.

Long this morning at 1.4412, take-profit adjusted along the way, hit at 1.4460
Yesterday's order hit 1.4450, closed at 1.4485
+48 pips
+35 pips

Yesterday's entry at 1.0582, closed trade at. 1.0679
+97 pips

Aud/usd is still going up. Above at profit trades but the bad thing about it was notice my closed positions were all different from my take-profit set initially yesterday. I like to ka-jiao (disturb) my trades a lot. Not sure whether it is right or not, no one knows, but I often cut my profits and let my loss run. I told myself to swing trade yet I close them pre-maturely, my heart is very very itchy and I scare these profits run away. This is such a typical trader syndrome. Told myself that the trade closes I shall see no more. Going to sleep now and tomorrow if I do see the chart it shall be a brand new day.

This evening's pokerstars causeway freeroll I was out in 67th. I had 3 other friends playing together, was so fun. Anyway, for the third time, Malaysia won against us once again, despite Singaporeans having the majority seats. Well, try again Thursday!

Have a great week.


Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little Bit Back To Trading

Back watching the market. Overall downtrend seeing my usual pairs like Eur/usd & Aud/usd. No trade results as I only just entered them for a longer swing. Just some screenshots and some orders.

Aud/usd trade:
Long 1.0582
Take-profit 1.07
Stop/loss: 1.05

Eur/usd trade:
Order long: 1.4450
Take-profit: 1.4550
Stop/loss: 1.4350

Subject to changes. Feel free to follow my trades if you want to lose some money. Scalping makes my heart beat faster, and when I lose doing it I will do revenge trading. Based on my personality, it is best to place some orders and walk away. Lets see how they fare.

Playing Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on pokerstars Causeway freeroll - free entry and US$100 cash prize. Malaysia has owned Singapore's asses for the past two sessions. I read the first session in the final table there were 1 Malaysian and 8 Singaporeans and he owned them all claiming first. I played yesterday's Sunday freeroll and was out 33th of 66 entrants. I only won one single pot without showdown. And then my final showdown was ATs vs KJ. Flop KJ - end of story. Ace on turn didnt help. Want to play tomorrow and help Singapore, maybe I will do worst.

I'm seeing red on my trade now.

Good luck to us on the tables and charts!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poker Busto

Some bad beats in poker. I play only heads-up SNG. In my first round, I had trips (a set), showdown against straight. Second trips was against a flush. And finally my flush met his full-house. That should have spelt my luck for today but I still proceed.

2nd round was again a loss. Third round I managed a win, followed by fourth and fifth a loss (chasing again). I took a short break, and my greatest mistake is to seat down on a heads-up cash game. Short stacked game. Which I busted in the end as well as my account.

I didn't had a good day today. Another argument with my girlfriend which puts us in "silent mode". I don't blame her but blame on me not knowing how to step away on bad days as usual. Going to rest and play some games on my iPad.

I don't write any secret of trading or poker here. Just sharing ways of busting up.

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