"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black: June Review

Above is my equity graph for June for FXDD account. Below are results for FXDD + Oanda account combined. Will combine both in future.

Week 1: +51
Week 2: +11
Week 3: +105
Week 4: +55
Week 5: +114

Month: +336 pips
Equity: +22.06%

Very happy with my result this month, though they are nothing more than breaking even from my April's devastating month. Most of the trades, I have been lucky for this month, ever since the lucky NFP catapult trade, those dangerous pullbacks and averaging-ins.. if they were to went against me thing would've been very different.

One of the thing I have improve this month is the using of position sizing. I used different sizes of pips a lot, depending on the confidence of the entry. I did not force myself to trade most of the night, so I still enjoy quite a bit of personal life in balance.

But there is one thing that is still grey, I wonder if I could take loses. I have been lucky to win most of the nights this month, what if there was a losing night? Would my revenge monster rage and do all foolish things again? Or is it due to some kind of revenge that I turn some losing night into wins, due to luck?

Nevertheless, I will approach the new month with high caution like this one. I cannot let down my guards because I still do not know if this revenge syndrome has been curbed. Happy to make new trader friends along the way with this blog. Thanks everyone for the support & encouragement in between and let's work hard together!


30 Jun, Aud/Usd, Gbp/Usd - Price Action on Mobile

Was trading on my mobile web browser, FXTrade, this whole day. I started before i left home. It was juz two hours after Australia market opened. Aussie seems bullish for the day. So i bought with wide s/l & t/p. I broke my rule on trading mobile, as my initial plan was simply using it to close trade if i am not at home to do so.

All trades today were taken the smallest size as a pre-caution as I am at work and it wasn't that convenient. Price dipped about 30 pips when I reached my workplace. I average in. I hold on to them all till lunch time. Price recovered quickly in between and buyers looking strong. I longed on Gbp/Usd. I closed it shortly for only about 4 pips at 1.5069, still not very comfortable with this volatile pair.

Aud/Usd went back down to my entry price later and i long another trade. Its been a fortunate day as I wasn't on the negative side for that long. I refreshed my mobile browser countless times. During trade execution, my mind told me that it's gonna be a longer term trade. But my eyes couldn't keep off the price! I closed my very first position 20 pips away from day-high. Not so fun trading during work. I didn't even see the chart, i was just monitoring PRETTY closely the price through-out the day.

Finally closed my last position after lunch.

+114 pips (smallest size).


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Trade, Book Wish List

Couple of books I'm intending to order. For Singaporeans, I would recommend you this site at Open Trolley. I have ordered quite a number of books there, reason being: you can ask for delivery to your home at S$5.00 (round up), or you can choose to self-collect at Plaza Singapura, and the main reason is, its much CHEAPER than outside bookstore even with membership.

I signed up Times Bookstore one year back and what i found out was the price are too pricy even after membership discount. I could have found this website long ago and I would have saved a lot of money. And you can find a lot of books there. Here is my wishlist for this season:

The Poker Face of Wall Street
Brown, Aaron; Taleb, Nassim Nicholas

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
Schroeder, Alice

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
Bernstein, Peter L.

Zen and the Art of Poker: Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game
Phillips, Larry W.
(Thanks to Attitude Trader)

Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker
Yao, King

Liar's Poker
Lewis, Michael

Intelligent Investor: The Classic Text on Value Investing
Graham, Benjamin

Anyone wanna buy for me?? lol.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Poker: 28 Jun - Finally.

Won two tourneys today. Sound impressive. But not really. What I played was "Double or Nothing". There are 10 players in this table, and as long as you make it to the top 5, you win a fifth of the pool. First one was easy. I almost got knocked out in the second table. This tournament has high winning ratio, but of course, the prize is not as attractive.

Just like risk:reward ratio in trading. You can win a lot of the time, small amount by small amount, and for that, high probability, becuz what you might be doing is close your trade whenever you're up +5 +5 +5, but let ur lose run. In a high risk:reward ratio, you might be doing things like -5 -5 -5 but when winning strikes it can cover or overcome the small loses you've been thru. A lot of stress/emotional tolerance is needed for the latter.

Another good news about is MY EXAMS PASSED!! Finally, I can look forward and embark my final year of part-time studies. This is truly a blessing.

No trades today.
Results: +$1.75


Friday, June 25, 2010

Poker: 25 Jun - Not Again.

Played tourneys today. Both seat and go. I won the first table third. Finally cashing back. Second table we played and the prolonged match between four of us. Top 3 will have prize. I really expecting myself to post some winning poker. But unfortunately, I got knocked out at last.

More stakes are in placed when trading compared to the micro buy-ins of hold'em. But u won't believe the adrenaline rushing when I was playing, especially within pocket cards like Aces or AK or even AQ. I played very tightly. Way too tight. I was pretty predictable and won few hands with very high cards. To the point people barely call against my raises. More to learn. But I see myself improving and I'm happy.

Results: -$0.50


Thursday, June 24, 2010

24 Jun, Eur/Usd - First Oanda Trade!!

This is my first Oanda trade for the night, my fund was thru' last night. The pip-spread was indeed attractive. I had four trades tonight. I save more than half the cost compared to my usual trade. And small spread is definitely comparable against having pip-rebate. you save your cost instantly.

I was trying to scalp, in my non-usual 1 minute chart. i did open my MetaTrader for referencing, for the sake of it. Scalping at such a small timeframe and 5-decimal-point price is really faster pace. i heart rolled with the numbers. on the other hand, it made it seems easy that the price (or noise) will eventually move in your direction. i flipped back my MT4 to get my usual feel in-check. Used bollinger band and traded within the range. Erm, will work on my screenshots.

+27 pips.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22 Jun, Eur/Usd - Failed Pullback

Obviously from the green dotted line i was in almost 3 positions at one time, up to four earlier tonight. I took the first long position slightly before the second last yellow candle closes. i thought i could catch another pull-back tonite, but not so lucky. seller still look strong so i closed my position immediately at losses.

I sold immediately after price recovered a little. price went up quite a bit and i took two more position in. very dangerous trades when averaging losses. i felt price shd go further back down, at least towards my target. general downtrend though..

Unfortunately, none of my position hit take-profit. it was those 4-5 pips away. and i closed them. in fact, my fourth position came in before i closed those 3 positions. i left my 4th position run. but instead it started to ran in the direction opposing my favour. i closed before it went any step towards my stop-loss further. in the end..

+6 pips.


PS: Just wanted to add, my further trading tonight was held back because i have serious problematic experience with FXDD Malta LIVE servers. Imagine scalping and u see the top left hand corner MT4 clock stop click, and when it return to moving its a split +30 seconds and the price i wanted to close has already passed by. its not only tonight, but so far i have traded it happens. some times it stucked so unreasonably i have to re-connect. damn! gotta set all my s/l t/p before my trades from now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

21 Jun, Eur/Usd - Pullback & Oanda Account Approved!

A sudden big dip 30 minutes before US market opening. Long after candle closes. Price was still struggling either way. After Doji candlestick formed, taken another long position in and closes before white 10SMA line.

My Oanda Asia Pacific account has been approved! Finally, funded it but the money hasnt reached their hands, probably somewhere in the internet cable lines that need 2 working days to arrive. I had plenty of questions for their helpdesk, and they were prompt and concise, which i truly appreciate. I had plenty of questions regarding their bank transfer.

Its great to open a local broker, because i dont have to worry bank wire charges/pay pal charges and converting currencies which are taking up so much micro lots from me. I noticed there are withdrawal charges from this Oanda despite local, except if you're withdrawing into the same bank they are using (Standard Chartered). Luckily I do have one and i asked them questions again.

Therefore, conclusively, I would have no charges funding/withdrawing from Oanda Asia Pacific at all, which makes me decided to postpone my plan to fund my current FXDD account - because im running out of money.

+22 pips.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poker: 19 Jun - Red For Third Time

Obviously, i played very poorly. Even in "play money" games i played badly, and i shouldnt have proceeded to playing "real money" when i am having such down form. One of the big loss tonight was having a pocket K pairs losing to two pairs. i could have taken the pot early but probably the raise i gave wasn't intimidating enough making him afford to go all the way to the river where it give him the second pair.

Now im wondering if i would have a winning night in this arena.

Result: -$1.76


Friday, June 18, 2010

18 Jun, Eur/Usd - Boring & Whipsaws

Boring market. Check out the blue triangle i drawn. Before i drew it i was selling at the bottom of the line, with the smallest size. I seldom go in the first trade correctly, so i went in minimal size first. followed by an average in, around the middle of the triangle. Closed the first trade at loss and 2nd trade got stopped out at the top shadow of the candle, it touched my s/l and went back down immediately, and never got back up that price for the rest of the trading night, because the tops were lower n lower (triangle).

Therefore, i waited for the price to touch the top triangle line before i sell next, at higher size. i could be wrong and that triangle drawn could simply be something no different from a toddler scribbling on a piece of paper at the end of the day. market was simply quiet tonight. it took quite a struggle before it wiggle its way down unwillingly.

i averaged in twice with all three open position higher size then my first two loss. an eye for an eye, my first position take-profit at bottom shadow of the candle exactly before price go back up. i closed my second position right after my first. i held my third position at +8, until price went back up to +1 and i closed it before price flew back into the damn bermuda triangle. luckily i went out myself before i was made "disappear" (stop out) by the triangle.

b/e pips. (+1.1% as winning pips are higher size)


Monday, June 14, 2010

14 Jun, Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd - Planned & Went

Told myself i wanted to long the aussie the night before the market open. Here's what happened today.. I took 3 positions in total.

I opened up my chart while i was changing for work. I study it a little, before taking any position. I took my laptop to my dining table where i had my breakfast. i setup my limit orders for my Aud/Usd pair (in my LIVE FXDD acct), exactly the same into my FXGame, so that I can track my position during work as the MT4 cannot be installed into my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Limited orders on Aud/Usd (mid size position): entry @ 0.8560 as previous rebound was at 0.8550 so if it managed to breakthru' this point it should go further.. something i learned from FX's comment to Bottle's post on Feb Review.. whom speak of experience.

Second entry on Aud/Usd (small size position): entry @ 0.8545 for longer term trade.

All these were done while i was biting my gardenia bread with butter? i dont really remember. i dont know why i was so eager to do this since last night and i went to work forgetting my daily dose of spirulina capsule, forgotten to eat my medicine (had vertigo since my exam), forgot to bring my office pass.

After some cool set-up (all with stop-loss of course), i watched the Eur/Usd with slight interest. I went in full size @ 1.2185 and take-profit @ 1.2200 double zeros in 11 minutes before price went back down for the rest of Japanese session. Eur/Usd:

My limit order (Aud/Usd) was hit before i went to work. indeed, throughout the day price barely moved below 0.8550 anymore. i was literally watching the price throughout my work. it took close to 10 hours before my limit order position was hit take-profit.

Closed my itchy hand second position (Aud/Usd too) after i got home. I probably would have done so long ago if i could do so with my mobile.. and see how it went 30 pips up further after i came out of the bathroom. Aud/Usd:

Great start of the week.

+105 pips.


PS: How's the new blog layout?? Let me noe if it sucked.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Jun, Eur/Usd - Waiting For The Ride Home

By the time i opened up the chart the bullish movement was already at its peak. Not too sure whether it was due to the bearish data (USD) of Unemployment claims an hour and a half back. I cannot guarantee that it was at it peak either, so i waited for the 1H candle to close. Beforehand buyers seem to be already exhausted, targeted my price at near day-high of 1.2132, but went in short at 1.2131 (1 pip lower) and luckily, price dipped from there. Lady Fortuna was with me. It is always a dangerous move to trade against the direction of the trend therefore i didnt drag it long and went out at take-profit.

See how much it went down after i finish typing this post!! If only........! But then again, you can not always get the full move of the price. Thats my target and thats about it.

+11 pips.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poker: 8 Jun

I thought i was writing this post on victory halfway when after prolong game not a single playable cards appear. Until my minnor wins got eaten up by blinds and break-even with some bluffs at late game.

Result: b/e.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Poker: 7 Jun

Kinda frustrating watching myself playing texas hold'em LIVE for the firstime. I tried playing 2 table at once, kind of ambitious for firstimer. Seriously i wonder how ppl like ANON can play 12 tables at once. Players are completely different level from playing fake money.

Will be posting net result for each day, whenever i play.

Result: -$6.34

Friday, June 4, 2010

4 Jun, Eur/Usd - NFP

Hell of a night. 35 minutes prior to the non-farm payroll news i was already scalping, because price has already taken side - USD. Must be the forecast of the news. Frankly, i never follow fundamental news lately. But the forecast data from forexfactory.com looks promising this time.

It was still 30 minutes before the news release and price has made a new low, i bought the pairs and closed it clean. Price reach a range about 1.2045 - 1.2070 throughout before the news, i scalp a few times there. I made a mistake by selling at 1.2045 range when it was still 15 minutes prior to the release, price went back into range. i lost my night's profit from there.

I resisted taking another shot - almost immediately. because i wanted to wait for the news this time and i know im gonna sell. managed to curb my urge to revenge. There was a chinese saying that goes 'revenge for a man, 10 years is never too late'. sound a bit broken english here but thats the best i can translate. :)

That point of waiting time for the news, i was curious with Oanda's pip spread. i fire-up my FXGame account. Indeed, Eur/Usd pair went higher than Gbp/Usd! must have been the volume of traders in that pair.

Finally, 830pm (singapore time) strikes. the usual rubber band movement of that newborn candlestick emerged. price immediately went down - as if everyone sold without even digesting the data - Non-farm employment change was RED! 431K, forecast was 521K, although it was better than previous which was at 290K.

it juz seem to go down. i sold full size - at the bottom tip of the candle. $&(*)(#@^!!

the monthly elastic candlestick pull back up, looked as if like a catapult ready to be release. i sold another 2/3 size.

it pulled further up. i sold another 1/3 size - knowingly that Unemployment rate was green at 9.7%, on top of hourly earning green at 0.3%. but i somehow felt that this very candlestick will not leave such a long lower shadow behind - i juz felt so, no proof alright.

It was hard to handle. i need to put on my stop-losses and take-profit quickly. my earlier's night lost was when i got disconnected halfway and after 3 minutes trying to log back in my positions were stopped out.. screw Malta's connection as its not the firstime. Halfway thru, my Oanda FXGame for some reason got disconnected. It was intense.

Finally, the candle stick let loose. with the first plunge hitting two birds, my 2nd & 3rd position closed at take-profit. i let my first position of full size ran. i closed at the last bear candle (in the pic above) bottom 'meat' of the candle.. before price recover back up. sweet.

Lucky for tonight, lost size were 1/3 size but winning trades were mostly larger size. I can't go on after the last (ninth) trade of the night. Rest for the weekend. Happy trading.

+33 pips.


Poker Stars

Funded my first poker account with pokerstars.com

I know its a bit rush, but im starting micro and still getting used to the system first with demo. New Label: Poker for this blog.

Wish me luck.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Jun, Aud/Usd - The Great Reversal

Havent live trade for half a month. Its a good come back. Bought after reversal. My profit-target was simply at 20SMA green line, with stop loss below prior candle low. It wasnt an excellent risk:reward ratio though, almost a 1:1, but those were the few signals which prompted my setups.

From the time i started trading the aussie, it hasnt been at such a low price. I didnt trade aussie very long though lol. Therefore, i dont know what it would be like trading longer term.

I seriously do not know how long do i need to break-even my original account. Seem like a thousand mile away.

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