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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready Against the Tide

Woke up this morning and saw my own tweet post with +58 take-profit over yesterday's trade. Was using 1H chart, and watching crossover of MA trend lines, where candle closes above.

You may follow @blacknbottle for "micro" updates. Ayumi Trader also created a twitter account @AyumiTrader whom I have followed. Staying tune!

Huge spike on Aud/Usd. The closest fundamental news was half hour ago Bernanke speech.

Limit order Aud/Usd: Sell 1.0780 (Very strong previous resistance)

Let's see.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Short Update, Stock Broker?

Was doing fine in my poker heads-up SNG, until (I don't know why) I went into heads-up cash games and get owned like nobody business. I think I'm too afraid to bet unlike in SNGs. Restarting my profits from scratch.. so much like trading.

Bought Eur/Usd @ 1.3990.

It's going down now and looking bad for me.

Recently completed my studies and looking around for jobs. I applied a job on Equities Dealer Trainee.. wish to work some thing like that, but I'm not sure if I will cope if I go into stockbroking sector... will I be able to take the heat?


Friday, July 8, 2011

Casino, Shares, Poker cept FX

Been awhile since I have updated. Basically spending most of my June taking a break from exams, going out, playing basketball with Bottle and friends, went to Genting Highlands over the weekend for a short getaway. Genting is located at the top of the mountain in part of Malaysia. It has nice cooling weather, basically u're staying with the clouds. Interesting fact is that the hotels do not need cost for air-con, nature will do its work! Anyway, I went with my parents and girlfriend. We went casino and haunted mansion. Make sure you try the haunted adventure because it is nothing we expected.

In the casino, I lost 400 Ringgit, playing Sic bo, Roulette and Jackpot. Due to insufficient capital, my roulette system went busted in no time. I spent most of my time in sic bo. Interesting. At first I simply go for Big and Small, but always get killed by triples. So I played around the board. On our last night, I had about 50 ringgit left. I bet everything into small - and double up. Then another 100 (everything) into big, and double up. I wanted to break even. So I wanted a last double-up to win back my 400 ringgit with my current 200 capital. I waited and then put into BIG. It was a machined operated sic bo, the 3 dices landed one by one. First one FIVE... followed by second one FIVE........... WOW.. (BIG is as long as u have 11 and above).... lastly..... FIVE AGAIN!!! DAMN!!! everything slain by triple. hit the 1/6 loss!! (after first two dice appeared FIVE, for the last one, other than FIVE I would have won with any other numbers).

Simply fooled by randomness. I told myself never to "grind" in casino anymore. Casino are based on probability. At least poker are skill game, when you suck, you usually lose. When you're good, you win in the long run. As for trading, there are technical and fundamentals to learn and analyse. I didn't take the triple too hard, was interesting story to tell though. But I find that casino are simply based on probability and randomness, there is never a pattern even if you play for a 100 years.

Recently, I finally bought my first share. With some guidance from Bottle and my girlfriend, yeah. Decide to hold some shares for a longer term "investment". Not looking for some quick buck. I trade forex since 2009 and I know they are nothing for a quick buck. Quick buck leads to doom. Quick buck I can go to casino.

I have not traded forex for weeks.

Been playing poker. Had a live session two weeks back with Bottle and friends. Was so fun, although I didn't win, but I enjoyed it. I find that I'm so much more timid to bet in realife than in online. There is a HUGE difference in both game play.

But I find that I'm slightly better at reading. For eg. a case I was holding an A7. Was a two way pot. I called pre-flop raise about 2bb. Flop As Js 5d. I raise 3bb. He re-raise with 10bb. I had top pair mid kicker. Based on his past betting patterns, he was trying to chase anyone with straight/flush draw out. To chase someone out he may least have a top pair too although highly unlikely in such case when I already hold one too. I thought for awhile and muck my cards. He turn over aces.

Im still playing Causeway Freeroll but no results. Nowadays grinding Heads-up shootout 4-players. Although you risk losing in the final table but the reward for winning is better than play 2-player heads-up. Also found the Heads-up book recommended by Soma - Colin Moshman book. Still halfway reading but it indeed give some insights.

Hopefully to find time reading chart by next week. Have a great weekend and good luck people! :)

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