"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

About Us

Black & Bottle (just an alias) are two very good friends whom started to trade the currency market live in August 2009 (and blew-up in September 2009). This blog serves as an informal journal where we would like to share our experiences on trading with all enthusiastic forex traders, at the same time keeping a log as our 'growing up' diary.

We live in Singapore, a small and (over)populated country in Southeast Asia. Having common goals to achieve financial freedom in this rat race society, we are determine to give our best shot in this volatile and highly liquid currency market - pray hard for us we succeed please.

We post our trades, our thoughts and various technical and fundamental analysis used in our tradings. Other forex information and knowledge are shared in this diary (please see our Risk Disclaimer page). We are currently trading with 2 brokers: FXDD using MetaTrader 4, and Oanda Asia Pacific.

Black has caught the poker bug in mid-2010. Since then he has been getting his ass kicked. Thoughts and results on his poker journey are also shared in his secondary blog Black Deck Poker.

You may drop us a comment or reach us in the Contact page. We warmly welcome complains/feedbacks/advices.

Thank you very much for dropping by, have a great day!

Black & Bottle
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