"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ride The Full Trend RED!

Mobile trading. Not very healthy. Although I have been observing price closely on these two pairs eur/usd & aud/usd, technical analysis was not present. I have to use secondary data like.. news?

I always thought I want to hold Aud/Usd, but I kept meddle with my trades. With the trades floating through the weekend, it dipped on Aussie opening like a 100pips from me?? I felt like crying so I took the courage to close it manually, and HOORAY! I CLOSED AT BOTTOM!

Two most "pissful" thing in trading is to close ur trade (or stopped out) at the end of the trend against you, and secondly is to go 1-2 pips before your take-profit and then u-turn, fart in ur face and kiss ur stop-loss.

Managed to recoup later in the day riding the eur/usd pairs. I always like London session, they are more obedient.

I guess this is it for the week. Holidays are here.

Happy Chinese New Year! May you be prosperous!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blah blah blah..

So........ bad. Cards were bad. But probably becuz I was too loose in the first place.

I need to work on my play a lot. Today I made the biggest lost.

We sometimes have to accept these shit happen as they are part of it..

But it still feels shitty.

Its time to seek the oracle.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNG: 2nd Place, Upcoming Week

Didn't trade for the past two days. Busy and waking up early due to some event function for my company. Managed to find a little bit of time for a SNG match on stars earlier.

The match started well, people get knocked out quite fast. Until when there were 5 people left the match was quite a drag. I could have knocked out one guy after drawing the nut flush on the river, but I didnt bet his whole stack. I bet two times pot size on river so to leave him 400 chips so that someone else could knock him out for the bounty, stupid.

Until when there were 3 of us left, there was a lady (i'm not sure if its really one but her nick sounded like it) who "kicked me in the nuts". Consecutively two hands went like this against her:

I held JJ.
Raised pre-lop 2 bb.

Flop - 9TJ

I didnt bet a lot becuz it seems dangerous.

Turn - K

I bet one big blind again and she called.

River - 7
She called my two bb bet again.

Naturally, she turned over a QK for a straight, on flop.
Next hand,

I held TT
I raised another pre-flop with 2 bb (been raising wide range of hands for 2 bb)

Flop - T39
I flopped the nuts again, and bet on it. Two of them called.

Turn - 8
She checked, despite hitting her straight draw, I bet and they called.

River - 6
She bets, we called, and she turn over QJ and groped us by below.
During heads-up, I think both of us can't wait to tear one another apart after such a draggy session, when three players left (me, the lady and another opponent). The "another opponent" is the one left who heads-up with me. Lost my last pot on 77 vs 99 all-in pre-flop.

And after the session, as always, I find myself running to the toilet. I managed to only knock out one guy for a bounty though.
School will be resuming next week, my last week end for enjoyment. I am probably putting trading and poker aside even more for this four months ahead to complete my last semester of school smoothly.

I considered leaving my current job so that I can focus on my last semester of school and then have a "trial" of doing trading/poker full-time for the next four months. But how many of us dare to leave a "stable" job so that they can have "unstable" income? Hardly anyone I know does, let alone the fact that I haven't had record of consistent profits in either field.

If I plan to move on from my current workplace, then its time to plan which step to go before landing my foot blindly. Its time to find a field or industry for a career soon. I need to know what I wanttttttttttt........... Passion vs Money?????


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aud/Usd Going Higher?

One reason I do intra-day trading is the fact that, whenever I tried larger timeframe or tried to swing trade, my mind can't leave the price at all and I am bothered. I tried to do it again this time and again finding myself closing trades on the second day.

Below are four trades I made past two days, all on Aud/Usd.
Trade 1: +77 pips
Trade 2: +55 pips
Trade 3: +22 pips
Trade 4: +20 pips

Pretty satisfied. Thought of holding longer, but I think major resistance are waiting at parity. My initial orders at 0.9830 weren't filled. Probably my next target. Never thought of shorting this pair because the interest hurts, although I'm not a relatively big player.

Target tonight was to short the Euro. It came across major resistance zone around 1.3430-50. I shorted the pair at 1.3453. Take-profit at 1.34 and stop-loss at 1.35, 1:1 win lose ratio. By the time you read this, if it hit 1.35 nOoOOoooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope not..

Can't meddle my trades with my cellphone anymore. Having issues with my Blackberry trackpad, it kept on clicking by itself. I am sending it for service tomorrow.

Anyway, good luck on the week ahead!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Start of Week!

Good Monday people. Its US holiday, but the market is not very stagnant either. Decide to change the layout of our blog so that it don't look too fanciful.

Had a short 200-hands only over the weekend on stars, $.10, 6-handed, 40-100bb. Players are generally tougher on the tables. Had a few lucky cards and double my buy-ins, but slowly got grinded and left with lesser profit. I was trying two-tabling also, still trying to get used to it.

Did a short on Eur/Usd and made micro profits. Taking super small long-term on Aud/Usd also. I should learn how to swing a little more without being affected and checking the prices like 24/7, it is still running, two orders were filled.

Had a Sit & Go Knockout with a friend moments ago too. Barely win a hand. I was folding and folding and got bluffed out a huge pot. That bluffer was smart, but he is mean too. How do you guys feel about being bluff and that bluffer turn it over and show you?

He knocked out 3 guys (including my fren) before he went out. Blinds were killing me so I had to shoved pre-flop. I doubled my stacks are winning a few blinds, because my tightness people knew I had good cards for shoving. Until my last hand I was A3s vs A7 and that sent me off. An ace on turn didnt help.

That was it for tonight.

Good luck with your chart and tables!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aud/Usd - Big Swinging Dick

I quote the post title from Michael Lewis's book - Liar's Poker, a very entertaining read. Had quite a swing on Aud/Usd passed two days. I had total of 6 trades running concurrently on this pair, both on Oanda & FXDD. My first mistake in going in this pair is entering before the trade balance announcement on Tuesday morning. I was down -100pips within two hours.

I averaged-in two more positions at a better price, in another words, average-losers. Price went down close to my stop/loss at 0.98, but did not hit it luckily. Tuesday night I entered using my MetaTrader with two orders, buy limit at support, and another buy stop, three positions shown below.

I closed my position this morning before the aussie employment announcement, where price dip and recovered shortly. I am satisfied with these trades, managed to recouped my losses I tilted on Tuesday night, and had more than expected gains.

As for my Oanda account, my three open trades were closed this morning too. I am not sure they will continue to rally after much gains yesterday. This is the firstime I have such a blessing to be able to recoup my losses so I need to take trading more seriously from now on and not to tilt like Tuesday night. If I try what I did that night, I'm sure it will happen again, so the main thing now is not to kill that revenge monster in me, but perhaps, I should try to avoid it.

This is quite a risky trade, if it had turned against me I would have massive margin call, but also a great earning I made so far in my trading experience. Six positions were closed at profits.

+411 pips.

In terms of value, almost half of them were losses made on the previous tilt.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have long - term position running on Aussie. But the flood and bad data causes pain in the ass for all my positions (2 average-in).

I came home thought of scalping "five pips" of eurusd, bigger lot size. The problem with scalping, as always, I'm so sick of telling myself that I never learn it, is that the position NEVER met a positive side AT ALL.

So I lost of the very first trade, leads to the second, to the third and so on. I thought I was supposed do one five pip trade? If it were that easy as it sounded, everyone will be rich.

I need to get scalping off my dictionary. The tilting monster is killing me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Aud/Usd - Bad Stop/Loss

Wasted day. I saw a downtrend, I sold on pull-back. But my stop/loss, which is supposed to put behind the resistance line (fibonacci), I put it ON the resistance line. Stupid move.

See how it touch the resistance line (my stop/loss) and bounce back. The fibo line was in my other chart.

-15 pips.

Don't think I'm at the right state of mind for poker right now.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poker: Weekend Grind

Yesterday I played another Sit & Go [Knockout], and came in fourth. :( that was sad. I played my best but i still think the problem with me is not being aggressive enough.

Later I switch to cash games and met a couple of hands like this:

Post-flop all-in when board: 844

I was holding 88 (the goddamn nuts, less double 4), and opponent was TT.

T came on the river :o

Next hand, opponent shoved all-in pre-flop, I was holding KK. He turned out 88.

The board came 479 T J, giving him a straight. I accepted it, but would have felt better if I lost to triple 8s instead.

Today I juz played cash games. 6-hand 20-50bb $0.10, I usually choose the lowest average pot table, until I am more comfortable enough to move up. Had a nice profit after 200-hands, I am not multi-tabling until I can play my single table with consistent profit. I did played well today I felt, on top of that, I think the table is generally weak and cards were lucky.

A local team pokerstars pro is online right now, Bryan Huang - the only Singaporean in team pokerstars pro. I wonder how is life being a Singaporean team pokerstars pro.

Have been staying at home throughout the weekend, its time to go out and take a break.

See ya!


Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Jan, Non-Farm Payroll

I know I said that I shouldnt be trading NFP anymore, but I decided to take on it tonight, on a different approach - an approach I used in the previous major data release trade some time back.

The forecast was bearish for the dollar, the actual data, unemployment rate was better, but the Non-Farm employment change was 103K, not as worst than forecast, but still very bearish. Here was my unbiased approach tonight:

Few minutes before the release, price was hovering 1.2960.

Buy-stop: 1.2980 (5000 units)
Stop/loss: 1.2970
Take-profit: 1.3 (I changed to 1.3050 later which was a stupid move, because I have to close my position manually, I may experience slippage like before. NFP have super high volatile movement.)

Sell-stop: 1.2940 (5000 units)
Stop/loss: 1.2960
Take-profit: 1.292

The point of this approach is to enter at the single spike or dip, and set tp & sl tight so that you get auto-exit instead of closing manually. I was lucky enough to close without slippage. +13 pips and thats for me tonight. The long and juicy candlestick looked attractive enough to grind for more but thats how I had huge lost in previous NFPs, when after going in for more I always ended telling myself I shouldn't have made myself stuck in some kind of situation. So that is all for the night.

Good luck to your trading and enjoy the weekend people.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forex: Eur/Usd +26

Back to some grinding action on my FXDD. My school will start on the last week of this month. Final semester, I want to put more focus into my last semester of studies to push up my GPA score, trying my luck to get a second lower class honours degree, or maintain my third class. So I might put poker and trading aside from there.

News night. Unemployment claims, bearish USD data. I am not touching NFP tomorrow. Anyway, I bought euros against the dollars on the data. I average-in when the price is going up, total of about 8000 units. FXDD MetaTrader's new pipettes confused me at first - I thought woah! I was up 80 pips in a split second, but it was actually pipettes. Sounds dumb.

Anyway, I know its an overall downtrend, so I did not put my position for long. After about an hour or so struggling, my first position hit my take-profit. Second position made another twenty minute struggle, before it was pushed off the resistance at red 50 sma and 38.2 fibo level. I closed my second position before it dips. Both were profitable.

Arrow up were my positions, second one which is a average-in.

Struggling at fibo level. There was a spike up, but didnt last. Trend continues.

+26 pips.

Good luck for your tradings!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grinded from Grinding

Didnt do very well yesterday. Wanted a short grinded but got grinded instead. When the whole house is tapping for my wireless broadband connection, I got problem with my poker. I often got sit out of the table table due to time out. And thats when I wanted a little faster pace and opened a second table, which was the first mistake made. I cant multi-table yet.

Lost my first buy-in NL Hold'em Cash Games Short-handed 20-50bb, $0.05/$0.10. I grinded back my loss thereafter. But trouble came at the second table. Lost a few critical pots. I felt sucky after all-in preflop my AKs vs QQ. Flop came KT3, turn 7 and river a............... Q!!! Well, 2 outs, but it still happens.

Following, was flopping a mid pair, i was holding K9. Board was A96 T 9. I raised on river obviously. That guy was good. He didnt bet like he had pocket aces on flop and turn at all. WhAm! He takes down the pot again.

Taking a short break tonight to settle some personal stuff. Till then!

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