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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aud/Usd Going Higher?

One reason I do intra-day trading is the fact that, whenever I tried larger timeframe or tried to swing trade, my mind can't leave the price at all and I am bothered. I tried to do it again this time and again finding myself closing trades on the second day.

Below are four trades I made past two days, all on Aud/Usd.
Trade 1: +77 pips
Trade 2: +55 pips
Trade 3: +22 pips
Trade 4: +20 pips

Pretty satisfied. Thought of holding longer, but I think major resistance are waiting at parity. My initial orders at 0.9830 weren't filled. Probably my next target. Never thought of shorting this pair because the interest hurts, although I'm not a relatively big player.

Target tonight was to short the Euro. It came across major resistance zone around 1.3430-50. I shorted the pair at 1.3453. Take-profit at 1.34 and stop-loss at 1.35, 1:1 win lose ratio. By the time you read this, if it hit 1.35 nOoOOoooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope not..

Can't meddle my trades with my cellphone anymore. Having issues with my Blackberry trackpad, it kept on clicking by itself. I am sending it for service tomorrow.

Anyway, good luck on the week ahead!


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