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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aud/Usd & Gbp/Usd

Place buy-limit on Aud/Usd again on 1.0010. Price hit during mid London session and quickly surge towards 1.0070 area, hitting my +50 pips take-profit.

Gbp/Usd was close.. I buy limit on 1.5660, price surge along with Aud/Usd (and also Eur/Usd) towards 1.5656 but went back down. Hoping if price able to reach this level, it will continue to go up.

Leaving the order on, now watching Aud/Usd again..


Monday, November 28, 2011

Aud/Usd Big Reap & Poker Dick

Aud/Usd opened 100+ pips higher over the weekend in my favor. I continued my long on the pair hoping for a reversal. Before the weekend, I also did a buy-stop at 0.98 (which hit the moment the market open). The reversal continue throughout the day and finally two position hit the take-profit at 0.99 and one closed on 0.995. Bagged about +480 pips.

Not rich yet, but for today's trades, my account has finally go to the green side. It usually don't last so long as you can see, hope to be more consistent from today. Happy with the trades.

As for poker...

Continue the downtrend... can someone ask me to quit? I been on online poker for a year and a half now, and its been really tough for me. I don't know what to do now, I probably take a day or two break from it and think it over.

Good luck for the week people!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Hold'em Graph & Recent Trading

Going tighter & aggressive style. I been 6-tabling recently and playing a better ABC poker than my previously fanciful and loose style that ripped my bankroll very quickly. I find that multi-tabling makes me play tighter and lesser range of hands because good hands comes at a higher frequency, instead of single tabling where you may have to wait for so many hands before a playable one arrives.

I give myself a pause on HU-SNG & only play occasional MTTs. My bankroll is still "ranging" and I hope to go uphill soon for once.

Trading has been pretty bad lately. Been on losing streaks and on small wins. Some times I just meddle with the trades, and then regret where it should have reached take-profit, some times I regret not meddling with my trades because it went to stop-loss, and the cycle keeps on and on.

Look at the beautiful downtrend of Aud/Usd, where price resisted off 50 SMA continously. I have two long positions on-going. I am going to leave it for now. Yesterday I just cut my Eur/Usd at -30pips before it turn around and move towards my take-profit.

Will be withdrawing my remaining funds in FXDD and focus on my Oanda. FXDD has been fine, but my under-capitalised account are of no use and there is no MetaTrader available for my iMac. Oanda has an office here in Singapore and support are much convenient, even in terms of funding & withdrawing.

Happy Thanksgiving people and enjoy the weekend! Good luck!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eur/Usd & MyFxBook

Can I say its a head & shoulder (not the shampoo) forming off Eur/Usd 1H?

Orders for a retracement:
Long: 1.3485
TP: 1.3585
SL: 1.34

Was reading Trader32 blog on his views on Currensee and myfxbook. I have Currensee account already. Earlier I gave myfxbook a try and really impressed. It is detailed on your account I felt as if I am using a Poker Tracker of trading. It gives you a much better understanding of your account overall. I am still exploring and will post up more reviews later.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Little Recovery

Nothing beats coming a little bit back on track...

Gbp/Usd - Love setting orders off support & resistance. I didn't get all the moves, but bagged a 50 pips, playing safe.

Aud/Usd - I set my sell orders again at the price where I set it earlier this week. For some reason I cancelled it yesterday, but price indeed move down so I shorted it again, initial take-profit target was day-low but closed it at +91 pips instead, itchy ass again. I wanted to close it at 100 pips but it just stuck at 99 once and never got back. Now it is retracing.

I am trying out Poker Tracker 3 (the only software I know for Mac) and it is quite cool. Should have explored these long time ago.

Cousin wedding this Saturday and tomorrow night we are going over the party. Should be it for the week.

Good luck people.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Had calculated stop-loss in my first trade, which was 70 pips away, 2% of my account.

Struggling its way up to my take-profit, a brutal London session sent Gbp/Usd about 150 pips down.

-70 pips, and then average down -70 pips, and another average down -70 pips.

*deep breath*

Having no edge against the market is not as deadly as an uncontrolled tilt.

I am going to watch the TV and have some cookies n' cream ice cream for the night.

Like in a snake and ladder game - "Go Back to Start".


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For Once....

...entry and take profit were smooth. Was on 1H chart.

Current long orders hit Gbp/Usd @ 1.6070

Target: 1.6150
Stop/loss: 1.6

Looks dangerous.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Why Aren't Take-Profit As Accurate As Stop-Loss!?

I got stopped out with remarkable accuracy. (blue up arrow entry, red dot on right bottom stop-loss)


Break-even Week for Trading

Got to blog at this hour because today is a public holiday in Singapore. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to our Muslim brothers! Its pretty sunny day and great that it is not rainy.

After all the battles with the market last week, I ended it break-even. Summary:

Got a great trade during Japan BOJ intervention, rode along upside and exited swiftly. Besides the intervention, it became one of the most boring pair to trade the rest of the week.

Had a bad trade in Eur/Usd. Followed by an order off resistance, which bounces off nicely and caught a 56 pips.

Besides the RBA rate announcement last week, which they -0.25% of the aussie and I caught the downside, I had bad trading with the pair during Non-farm payroll. I only traded the aussie during NFP. Bad trading once again. Another good reason why I should walked away after placing my positions to enter. I sat down beforehand telling myself just to watch the order get hit else don't touch. Despite a very shallow movement after the announcement, I still entered. This discipline thingy seems like always a hundred miles away.

Been bad week. Need some serious thought and re-alignment. If it is time to walk away, walk away. 

Good luck people for the brand new week!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Jap Intervention !

The Great Jap Intervention, yes and some not so great trade from myself. =~(

Anyway, first of all i would like to thank Black for his reminder on the above mentioned... all because of him.. i made a whooping 60pips. In the time period of walking from a bus stop to the nearest train station... Thats like 100++ metres... So ya thank you~~~~~

Ironically, this intervention thing also made me lose more than double of what i profitted... Blame it on my virginity of trading such event perhaps? Or more like because im greedy??

Well due to the fact that because im using mobile trading, i kept my size half of my usual. 60pips profit in matters of minutes... YAYyYYYyyYY POP CHAMPAGNE!!!

Then when im home... not sure why, i keep having the thought that the Jap Intervention will continue, so i went in again using my usual lot size (which is double of my initial profit). It straightaway plummet down right in my face!

Thats not the end.. i went in again at some FIBO level for EUR/JPY pair.. i have no idea why i did that.. its crazy i know.. the results? CRAZIER... i shall not go into detail for this trade. its humiliating~~~~~~ Im shy~~~~~~ Ashamed~~~~~~~

Yes i shouldnt be commiting this kinda mistakes... Imma write it down in small pieces of papers and stick it everywher to remind myself of this fateful day..

Stay Silly, Stay Thirsty
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