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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hold'em Graph & Recent Trading

Going tighter & aggressive style. I been 6-tabling recently and playing a better ABC poker than my previously fanciful and loose style that ripped my bankroll very quickly. I find that multi-tabling makes me play tighter and lesser range of hands because good hands comes at a higher frequency, instead of single tabling where you may have to wait for so many hands before a playable one arrives.

I give myself a pause on HU-SNG & only play occasional MTTs. My bankroll is still "ranging" and I hope to go uphill soon for once.

Trading has been pretty bad lately. Been on losing streaks and on small wins. Some times I just meddle with the trades, and then regret where it should have reached take-profit, some times I regret not meddling with my trades because it went to stop-loss, and the cycle keeps on and on.

Look at the beautiful downtrend of Aud/Usd, where price resisted off 50 SMA continously. I have two long positions on-going. I am going to leave it for now. Yesterday I just cut my Eur/Usd at -30pips before it turn around and move towards my take-profit.

Will be withdrawing my remaining funds in FXDD and focus on my Oanda. FXDD has been fine, but my under-capitalised account are of no use and there is no MetaTrader available for my iMac. Oanda has an office here in Singapore and support are much convenient, even in terms of funding & withdrawing.

Happy Thanksgiving people and enjoy the weekend! Good luck!



FoodieFC said...

Hi Black!!

you keeping track of the forex between SG and HK? Rate seems to be going against SG in the past few days.. I want to change money to go HK


Black said...

Hello Foodie!

I don't keep track of HKD, then you better change fast ! :D

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