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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Jap Intervention !

The Great Jap Intervention, yes and some not so great trade from myself. =~(

Anyway, first of all i would like to thank Black for his reminder on the above mentioned... all because of him.. i made a whooping 60pips. In the time period of walking from a bus stop to the nearest train station... Thats like 100++ metres... So ya thank you~~~~~

Ironically, this intervention thing also made me lose more than double of what i profitted... Blame it on my virginity of trading such event perhaps? Or more like because im greedy??

Well due to the fact that because im using mobile trading, i kept my size half of my usual. 60pips profit in matters of minutes... YAYyYYYyyYY POP CHAMPAGNE!!!

Then when im home... not sure why, i keep having the thought that the Jap Intervention will continue, so i went in again using my usual lot size (which is double of my initial profit). It straightaway plummet down right in my face!

Thats not the end.. i went in again at some FIBO level for EUR/JPY pair.. i have no idea why i did that.. its crazy i know.. the results? CRAZIER... i shall not go into detail for this trade. its humiliating~~~~~~ Im shy~~~~~~ Ashamed~~~~~~~

Yes i shouldnt be commiting this kinda mistakes... Imma write it down in small pieces of papers and stick it everywher to remind myself of this fateful day..

Stay Silly, Stay Thirsty

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