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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For Once....

...entry and take profit were smooth. Was on 1H chart.

Current long orders hit Gbp/Usd @ 1.6070

Target: 1.6150
Stop/loss: 1.6

Looks dangerous.



Ai Shiang ♒ said...

I was waiting for a trade too but didn't see any last night, quite congested. I thought I was dreaming how come you've got a trade and I didn't see it :o). That's not 1-hour,was it? 1-minute chart though.

Black said...

Good morning Ai Shiang!

Probably our analysis is different, my target was moved closer though, cause the retracement was too quick and I decided to bag it earlier.

I usually use daily n 1h for trading just screenshot the 1M some times for viewing purposes, sorry for the confusiong :)

Ai Shiang ♒ said...

Good trade though. No wonder I didn't see it LOL! It was already 2AM then :o)

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