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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poker Posts Moved! New Blog 'Black Deck Poker'

Forex and poker are completely different fields although there are many similarities in the "investment" and probability concept. But in anyway, after much consideration, I still think it is better to separate both forex and poker posts into different blogs, as not to bore traders with poker posts, and poker players with trading posts.

My new poker site, made simple.

Feel free!!!!!!!


Friday, February 17, 2012

My Best Day In PokerStars

Today I finally achieve VIP SilverStar for the firstime ever since I started playing PokerStars. It is no sweat for high stakes player but I been grinding out almost everyday, a lot of sweat for me. At this rate I don't think I can aim for GoldStar, unless I continue to improve and move up stakes.

It is amazing for the first 1.5 years of my poker career I been losing 8 out of 10 days and now I am running hot. When you grind for VPP & FPP at the same time earning profits, it feels real good. Because it used to be moving in opposite direction. I'm not say it won't in future but I'm happy right now. Feeling good, running good, builds my confidence and game. Today up another US$73 in cash games 3-tabling 0.08/0.16. 

Entered a re-buy tourney and I was above average stack. Entrants was about 512 and I was knocked out at 154 when I 4-bet shoved KK to a semi-loosed guy who thought for a while...... and called me with QQ. Turn came a Q and I found myself face-palm and taking deep breaths. Luckily it didn't affect my cash games (playing simultaneously) like it would have used to (thanks to Mental Game of Poker), and I continue to grind. 

Gonna go out for a while and maintain balance lifestyle (shopping lol). Been in front of the computer for so many hours already. Have a great weekend people!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poker Updates - No Trades

Haven't been trading for the past one week. Almost grinding poker at home everyday. I think I am at my next level. Used to be just a few dollars for my daily overall profit/loss. Currently 3-tabling and my peak session winning was US$73, high loss about US$65.

Another emotional achievement was that I am able to remain calm despite my peak loss day. And I was surprise that I wasn't that super happy either when my new session peak win happened. I think deep down I am slowly accepting variance in poker, of course I do get pissed when shoving an AA losing to KK. On the other hand, I remind myself I do crack aces with AKs when I flop a nut flush. 

Today I sat down and lost about 30usd within 50 hands. Managed to grind them back up and additional profit of 15usd. Tired and I stopped.

Above is cash games profit n loss graph. Did went back down to red but managed to win back. I am aiming for VIP SilverStar for this month. Currently about 100 vpp away.

Still no luck with tournaments/sngs. Lol what an awful graph.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grinding Chart & Tables

Aud/Usd: +65 pips

+50 pips. (screw the analysts, I'm back into my position in Eur/Chf)

Finally hit the positive region for the first time this week (graph since November). Been grinding for more than 4 hours today. Could have been higher but that last slope down was due to my pocket aces getting cracked by cow boys. Variance variance variance.... I hope it continue its upslope!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Listen to Analysts!

Trading for more than 2 years now, repeatedly tell myself (even reminded by Bottle) that we should trade based on what we see and analyzed, not on analysts' rumors. Sick that after all these while I'm still committing such a disciplinary mistake.

Yesterday's trade (US session) I only took a slight look at the chart. And then I followed an analysts' mere comment and traded that. WHAMP! Stop/loss-ed. If you make a trade on your own and loss, it doesn't feel that bad (theory was also thought in a book I read: Reminiscence of a Stock Operator).

Another reason why we should not rely too much on others as it reminds me of the Elephant and the Blind Men story. Market is like the Elephant and we are the blind men. We experienced different part and perspective of the market and we have our own opinions. At every moment, there is people longing or shorting any single pairs. All have their own perspectives.

Even this blog and how I traded are merely what I myself see and are advised not to follow. Maybe the one thing you can learn from this blog is things you should not do! 

Eur/usd: -50 pips
Usd/chf: -65 pips


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Non-Farm Payroll - USD All Green

I was sitting by the side lines. But every movement means money, and still, greed got to me.

If only I maintained my very first short position in the Eur/Usd..

Nice come back for Gbp/Usd.. otherwise I burnt and knock my head again..

Scalping the NFP transactions... very easy to blow up account.

Have a nice weekend!


Friday, February 3, 2012

January Review & Start of February

Busy with Chinese New Year for the past two weeks and a lot of things happened. So managed to find time now to update some stuff.

(extracted from Myfxbook)

Close to a -2% for my January trading month. One main problem with my losses was that I tend to trade 3 different pairs that are co-related at times (for eg. those peg against the USD). So if USD depreciates, they move together (Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd move up, Usd/Chf move down) and vice versa. Thats when my trades usually get knocked down all at once if it fails.

Started the week with similar mistake and caused a huge drawdown. Managed to scrap bit by bit throughout. I took out my Gbp/Usd 30 pips earlier as not to hold them through NFP tonight. As usual I will be by the side lines and watch. 

This week transactions. No chart as I am too lazy due to high number of trades. (extracted from Myfxbook, my ID is black147)

I earlier (start of Asian session) longed Eur/Chf because I felt it is time for reversal. But then I saw a post in www.forexlive.com here:

I closed my position at +2 pips as not to take the risk. Just wondering, what would you do if you were me?


Poker has been a good month in January. February started off well as I moved up stakes too. But I will still be wary of variance and approach things cautiously.

To all who are trading NFP, good luck tonight! And best of luck everyone at the charts/tables!

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