"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Moderation for comments due to Spammers

This is the firstime this blog ever received such overwhelming....spams. It used to be one and we'd close one eye. But this guy seems over-doing it. We have no choice but to put future (more welcomed) comments to moderation. Not so fun with such spams in a night:-

Ahh.. links, yes.

SEO expert indeed, we are impressed as well.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crazy Week

Ok where do i start... Crazy week as a title sounds more like having alot of fun during that week... Doing crazy stuff you never imagined before and totally enjoy it. But no, not for me...

Almost every trade this week goes AWAY from me, followed my setups but keep hitting stop losses... And those setups that i missed(cos of work or other commitments), travel nicely to TP(had i spot the setup and went in trade). This is crazy, all the stop losses are hit within the next 2 candles while i used to wait for TPs to be hit overnight. Looks like all long thick juicy candles that came up this week are all intended to stop me out.

This is madness, i experienced this shit before, yes.. But this week's is much worst. EVERY SINGLE TRADE. Feel so lost, where did i go wrong... Luck? Timing? I know that no setup guarantees a 100% hit. But what are the chances that i got in all the losing ones and missed out all the winning ones?? hmmmmmm i suspect someone put a curse on me.. But a curse that can move the market against me?? hhmMMmmmm.... Doubt so...

Hopes shattered... Confidence rock bottom, went underground and reach the core of the earth. ArghhhhhhHHHhhH MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssss....

F*** it.. im gg to sleep.. not gg to look at the f***ing chart. fcukkucufhdfufkcckufckkcufkcfcufck

Faith put to the test


Wednesday, July 18, 2012






Trade No.2

A little recoup from last night trade when price break cloud, cloud support held and strong buying momentum in Eur/usd and I went long. Only made-up yesterday's loss.

Looking to put buy-stops for Aud/Usd once resistance is broken.  


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Thoughts to myself in italics, logic in bold..

hmm.. momentum is good.. going down. should go back to support at cloud 1.5490 area...

what about your indicators?

what about the indicator?

dafuq I just read? price is still above blue (kijun-sen) line!

ooo.. i think it will move back towards the cloud..



doing good.... you see-

-we'll see.

hmm.. should I protect my wins? set trailing stop?

Black: Do u set trailing stops to protect ur position?
Bottle: Yep, my usual practice.
Black: How much usually?
Bottle: From my typical trade and take profit, 30 pips usually.
Black: Ok. sounds great.

+28 pips now.. should I set it now? probably a little more...

price has approached kijun-sen zone and beginning to bounce back up!

Black: (rant) see it always happen to me.
Bottle: I feel for u, that SUX!

holy fuck.. closing up to break-even maybe I should manually close it..



..maybe not.

price hovering, bounce from kijun-sen line second time and spike up towards...


..countless rookie flaws for someone who traded close to 3 years. Let's keep focus on the process and system in the next trade. I'm still too determined to give up, although my account hasn't shown much improvement. 

Discipline Discipline Discipline.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eur/Usd Downtrend & Trade Interceptor

Following my last trade there were indeed some decent downward movement to the Eur/Usd. IF ONLY!!! Very smooth downtrend along with the Ichimoku indicators. Now we'll see if there are any reversal to the trend, whether the price will pierce the cloud? I'm placing my order above the lines, if it doesn't break, so be it.

Been trying out a charting software called the Trade Interceptor. Quite a decent software so far, it does provide live trading for a couple of brokers like FXCM, but not for Oanda, which is the one I'm using. The indicators are clear and accurate. I started using it on the iPad, and now my Android phone, primarily because of the Alarm system that is built in. So that I could set price alarm, and if it sound off, I can still decide whether to enter the price or not base on the context and momentum of price when it triggered.

I wouldn't say the software works that great for me as much on the iMac though. The alarms aren't sync (or I don't know how?), and it could be confusing. One thing about the trade interceptor is the feature-packed trading system and it could be intimidating for a start. Mobile & iPad version is great. I still stick to Oanda web for my desktop for now.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

A New Post After Release.

Yes, released from the grasp of Diablo 3. No jail or rehab whatsoever. Im no criminal, am no addict... Addicted to trading yes but...... Anyway~~~

Like Black mentioned earlier, we were consumed by Diablo3. As expected. Havent been able to squeeze time for blogging amidst the tradings gamings and working. Its crazy how this game grips so tightly on 2 full grown male adults of the human species, causing them to be seated in from of their computers for 10s of hours a day. We were never old. We can still game like hardcores. Well, its not like this game is really that fantastic anyway.. Actually we are both quite disappointed by some aspects of this game.. It could be that we waited this game for more than a decade, we are so attached ot it.

Alright enough of the game already. Initially before the release of the game, i had visualized myself getting so hooked up by it that im gg to lessen or neglect trading so much. Surprisingly no... mayb for the first few days after the game release, yes. But there after, i have been trading as per normal. The amount of trades i made a day(provided there is a setup) remains the same.

I wonder to myself, why? Spent sometime thinking about it as well. I just cant take my mind off the chart during weekdays(even when im gaming). As for my previous post on gaming to provide a good distraction from my trading, it really worked. When there is no setup, i get back into my game and never looked back. Same goes for entering a trade. But at least with the game, i wont be so looking forward to weekdays during my weekends like i used to. It keeps my mind occupied. Subconciously, the goal of being successful in trading.. the freedom that it can offer kills everything else in the path...



Well, having said that... it maybe helpful to you or you or him or she or it who have the same problem as me in or out of trades. Try to find a hobby or something that can take your mind off trading for abit. Whenever there is no setup, simply dive into that thing you love doing. It may help get you out of some unplanned bad trades, unplanned or impulse exits. I've tried it first hand. LOL. It kinda works.

Trading have been relatively well lately, still trying to achieve Nirvana in trading. Ignores the losses and winners. As long as i stick to my setup, i shall see GREEN!!!!


1% inspiration, 99%perspiration.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BACK! Diablo & a Trade

Been such a long.. long....... time since we last blogged, in fact for me, even traded. Ever since 15th May Diablo took our soulstones, my iMac has been serving to save the sanctuary from evil. Bottle and I both went for the collection that day in Funan IT Mall. The crowd was crazy, I wondered for other countries if it was the same. If not for the physical box or possible posters to come with it, I would have bought it online instead. In the end we only got the mouse pad as an addition as the posters ran out of stock.

 This is the event stage, where there were lots of selling of Diablo products, like their official Mouse, Earphone etc. which was damn costly.

Queue a few loops throughout the whole width of the shopping mall entrance.. for hours. In some ways me and bottle got past that lot and went in to get our verification ticket quickly LOL. 

The Koreans killed Diablo (normal level) in just 6 hours, when I was barely home and halfway installing the game. A time-consuming good though, primary objective is to find as much and as good item as possible, to clear level or sell them in what they call the Auction House with in-game gold or REAL MONEY. Not much luck so far for me, only earned a $2usd.

Besides trading, my poker volume have also dropped drastically, rendering a downgrade of vip level back to bronze star. I been taking the day to search for job, been out for half a year now and I'm think its too long. I either need to quickly find one as soon as possible or I have to make full use of my time learning more trading and poker.

Bottle reminded me not to steer away from our trading goal. We always remind each other and keep each other on track, though I supposed he's the one who remind me more often. I must stop wasting my time surfing social networks and reading about other people's life.

Back on a trade today. A very simple set up, crossing down and breaking below cloud. Target right above previous cloud. (if only it works all the time....)

Happy Independence Day to US friends!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antonie de Saint-Exupery
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