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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eur/Usd Downtrend & Trade Interceptor

Following my last trade there were indeed some decent downward movement to the Eur/Usd. IF ONLY!!! Very smooth downtrend along with the Ichimoku indicators. Now we'll see if there are any reversal to the trend, whether the price will pierce the cloud? I'm placing my order above the lines, if it doesn't break, so be it.

Been trying out a charting software called the Trade Interceptor. Quite a decent software so far, it does provide live trading for a couple of brokers like FXCM, but not for Oanda, which is the one I'm using. The indicators are clear and accurate. I started using it on the iPad, and now my Android phone, primarily because of the Alarm system that is built in. So that I could set price alarm, and if it sound off, I can still decide whether to enter the price or not base on the context and momentum of price when it triggered.

I wouldn't say the software works that great for me as much on the iMac though. The alarms aren't sync (or I don't know how?), and it could be confusing. One thing about the trade interceptor is the feature-packed trading system and it could be intimidating for a start. Mobile & iPad version is great. I still stick to Oanda web for my desktop for now.


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