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Friday, July 27, 2012

Moderation for comments due to Spammers

This is the firstime this blog ever received such overwhelming....spams. It used to be one and we'd close one eye. But this guy seems over-doing it. We have no choice but to put future (more welcomed) comments to moderation. Not so fun with such spams in a night:-

Ahh.. links, yes.

SEO expert indeed, we are impressed as well.


implied volatility said...

Tons of fucking (excuse the french) spam. I've seen some forum sites and comment sections get destroyed by it.

Good luck on keeping it in check! :D

Black said...

thanks man! and no worries i luv french!

implied volatility said...

Come back, man! Where are the posts??? I'm missing it! :)

Black said...

Thanks for support, coming up in awhile! :D

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