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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A New Post After Release.

Yes, released from the grasp of Diablo 3. No jail or rehab whatsoever. Im no criminal, am no addict... Addicted to trading yes but...... Anyway~~~

Like Black mentioned earlier, we were consumed by Diablo3. As expected. Havent been able to squeeze time for blogging amidst the tradings gamings and working. Its crazy how this game grips so tightly on 2 full grown male adults of the human species, causing them to be seated in from of their computers for 10s of hours a day. We were never old. We can still game like hardcores. Well, its not like this game is really that fantastic anyway.. Actually we are both quite disappointed by some aspects of this game.. It could be that we waited this game for more than a decade, we are so attached ot it.

Alright enough of the game already. Initially before the release of the game, i had visualized myself getting so hooked up by it that im gg to lessen or neglect trading so much. Surprisingly no... mayb for the first few days after the game release, yes. But there after, i have been trading as per normal. The amount of trades i made a day(provided there is a setup) remains the same.

I wonder to myself, why? Spent sometime thinking about it as well. I just cant take my mind off the chart during weekdays(even when im gaming). As for my previous post on gaming to provide a good distraction from my trading, it really worked. When there is no setup, i get back into my game and never looked back. Same goes for entering a trade. But at least with the game, i wont be so looking forward to weekdays during my weekends like i used to. It keeps my mind occupied. Subconciously, the goal of being successful in trading.. the freedom that it can offer kills everything else in the path...



Well, having said that... it maybe helpful to you or you or him or she or it who have the same problem as me in or out of trades. Try to find a hobby or something that can take your mind off trading for abit. Whenever there is no setup, simply dive into that thing you love doing. It may help get you out of some unplanned bad trades, unplanned or impulse exits. I've tried it first hand. LOL. It kinda works.

Trading have been relatively well lately, still trying to achieve Nirvana in trading. Ignores the losses and winners. As long as i stick to my setup, i shall see GREEN!!!!


1% inspiration, 99%perspiration.

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