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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back & Alive!

I'm.. BACK!

After so long. Since the last post, I had almost zero trades (as usual), and zero poker. Was busy with my school assignments, and followed by two weeks study/exam leave from work. I had 3 papers and the last one was 26th May. If I could pass all my subjects, this will be the lastime I will ever go hiatus due to school work as I will be graduating hopefully! This partime studies has taken it's toll on me. It's really hard to keep a life-style balance during school days but that was the path I chose.

So why choose this path getting a bachelor degree when I want to poker and trading? Beats me. Anyway I picked up both of these during my partime studies though. School with a certificate is probably an investment though. So it comes down to path from what I see ahead of me:

1) Using the degree, find a high-paying job if I could and climb the corporate ladder. high chance of a high paying job will demand lots of time rendering no time to trade or poker.

2) Using the degree, find a normal stable job (most likely government sector?), that gives priority to work-life balance, so I can focus also on trading or poker.

I am not a corporate ladder kind of person. I don't have excellent inter-personal skills nor a specific set of technical skills. On the other hand, 95% of the trader/poker players are not profitable/successful. So I'm not exactly sure whats ahead of me. Maybe I will strike lottery one day and retire by 30 year old!

I am taking the next few weeks to catch up with myself and some friends. And will resume my trading soon. Shall take it slowly at start.

Went to the casino for the second time last week, since last post. Just in case you don't know, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents have to pay a $100 levy every single time you enter the local casinos (only 2 here). Unless you pay $2000 for a yearly levy, but only per casino.

I remembered previously using the 1st & 3rd row system, and betting every single round. This time I take it slowly. Mixing a little with the Martingale system, I was down a while at first and profitable throughout. Had a couple hundred of bucks won. I believed it is all random and probably just follow a certain "systems" or "believe" to give you a style of play. May not be going back any sooner yet due to the levy, which suck big time.

Gonna get some rest now. Gl all! Will update whenever there are updates =P

I'm.. BLACK!
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