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Monday, September 13, 2010

Casino Expedition

This post is more on my trip to local casino I was talking about in a few post back. SGD100 have to be paid as a levy for locals. So you basically lost 100 before u even start to gamble. That prevent a lot of small rollers like me from entering the casino at will.

I went there with my family last week during the public holiday. We reached there at night about 21:45. So the time you enter, you have 24hours in there, if in any case you came out 21:46 the next day (say if you stayed for 24 hours), you will be told to pay another SGD100 levy - thats what I heard.

It is the newer casino, Marina Bay Sands. Beautifully designed. I like the layout and the place just seem new and feels good (except for the cigarette smells). There are table games like Black Jack, Bacarrat, Roulette (table and machine), Big Small (thats what we call it), and Singapore Stud Poker etc.

Of course, I went over to check out the Singapore Stud Poker, I read the rules of the game before I went there. I didn't play because I didn't plan to gamble more than simply 3 bets of the game (Ante: $50, if you bet it cost you another $100 which therefore $150 per hand). It seem pretty hard to play too. I went on to the machine roulette thereafter.

You can simply place your bet bet bet bet bet all over 1-36 of the roulette table. I felt that the odds is greatly against us. So I bet for Red & Black. Didn't make it either. Down to $100 in 3 hours by then. It was $1 minimum per bet, probably the only game I coulda afford that night. Then I went on bet on between 1-36 and it seem like a slow death so I was down another $50. Finally, I bet first column. I thought the reward ratio is better though the odds is only 1/3. I only hit once and finished my last 50 bucks quickest.

Day One: -$200

Second day, we went in the afternoon (still within the 24 hours, sound pretty desperate -_-). That morning, before brushing my teeth I started to surf for some roulette system. I manage to find the Labouchere System (I dont know what to put in the numbers basically), Martingale System (seems too risky for me), and the 1st & 3rd Column Strategy (which I adopted).

On the second day, I tried 1st & 3rd column right from the start. But because I also bet an additional "Black", which makes it always break-even like what the author said, or else I will lose all my money, and pretty hard to win all. So first half of the gamble, I was basically +40 then 0 then -50 then back to +10.

I decide to stick to simply 1st & 3rd column. Seems more like a better odds to me. You get a probability edge of about 2/3 against the dealer, although the lost is x2 of per win. I was pretty lucky from there and then. I caught most of the moves. I was up +75 before I raised my stake size. When I hit +150 I raised again. This time round I was hanging there pretty long, before I hit +200 and called it a day. I'm in love with this system but you have to stay discipline and it can be a pretty boring betting style (nothing more than using my thumb and middle finger to tap the two bets every hand). If can win, who cares if it's boring?

Day Two: +$200

Nett: -$0 + (-$100) = -$100

Screw the levy man.



FFXD said...

Roulette is all about luck. There is no strategy that works. I've been there and I lost a lot more after I won some. You know why that happened? Once word: addiction!

thefreeonlinecasino said...

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Black said...

true FFXD. nobody can beat the odds against casino at the end of the day. roulette is a dangerous game to be addicted. i see elders around me bet few hundreds away in just minutes. im happy enough to recoup back the losses. making money is a different story.

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