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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poker: 20 Sep - Lost Focus

Firstly, I called an all-in with JJ against 88 pre-flop. Flop came an 8 and that was it for me right from the start. Never mind. I grind my way back up. Was on the profit side. I was on too much attention with other stuff online. There was obvious full-house on the table. I had a K high flush and without second thought and look I called all-in and lost everything there.

Losing focus is something that shouldnt be in poker (obviously). I wanted to curb this thats why I played one table instead of two and I play 0.01/0.02 stake instead. But still happens.

I wasn't that upset that such thing (losing) happened but more upset to the fact of how it happened. If you can't keep your focus, don't trade, don't poker. That is why I haven't trade since NFP and play poker for more than a week. Because I knew I had my job and classes to worry. Until finally today I had the mood to get in and it happens again.

This is getting emotional. I suppose even writing blog may go on tilt. Lol, till then.

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