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Friday, September 24, 2010

Part 2 of my Comeback into trading

Yes as the title suggest, this is the 2nd part of my Comeback into the trading society.. Its goooood to be back. Split my entry into 2 so as not get F*** by anyone for being looooonnngggg winded. 1st part will be whats going on in my mind from the day of my comeback and happenings while part 2 will be one of my most recent trade. Ok lets get it on!!!!!!!!

Pair : EUR/USD

Timeframe : 4H and 1H

As u can see from the picture, the 100SMA is going up.. So i suppose Mr Trend our friend is heading up. The Red circle is my signal. Well, to me it(candlestick) looks like a struggle after a rally by USD. The candle after that confirms my believe. The Yellow circle marks my entry base on 1H chart, its a 5SMA on that 1H chart. Last but not least will be the Blue circle, my TP. Base on DOUBLE ZEROES. 1.3400. SL will be 50 pips down from my entry, its the low of my red circle signal. I believe that prices that close below that means my forecast / prediction or whatever is wrong.

Profit : 65pips.

Patience... Root of success.


Black said...

Welcome back on stage brother!

TST said...

I am inspired by your pullback trading... thanks

Bottle said...

@Black yea lets do it again!

@TST hey thanks, hope it helps..

Anonymous said...

For info...

My anti-virus finds a Trojan on your page via singaporeforexblog.com.

Black said...

Thanks much L&W, its been removed!

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