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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poker: Double or Nothing

Just want a short break away from my assignment. My head is busting from it. So I fired up my PokerStars and looked for a double or nothing game. Increased to "Low" games from "Micro". I was playing pretty tight from the start. And hands I went through to showdown I had all the pots early in the game.

I was number 2 in the stacks throughout basically. At one point, I was down till about number 5 out of 8 players left in the game of 10. The blinds were high. I
called with an A 6. Opponent shoved all-in post-flop when the flop came A J 5. I called.

A 6 vs A T. I thought I was fucked (mathematically I was).

Very quickly, turn came a 6. I sat up from my bed and yell "FUCKYAAA!!!!". I grabbed the pot and returned to number two, throughout the rest of the game. I was happy because this is my first game on slightly higher buy-in.

I miss about two flushes during the game by foldin
g pre-flop. Below is one of the screenshot I missed my full house, because two of them went all-in pre-flop. I had no reason to call against such aggressiveness although I had what I find a
moderate-strong card.

Result: +$4.60


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