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Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Sep, Eur/Usd - Non-Farm Payroll

Frustrating night on NFP.

From start, I sold at bottom when slippage occur. I was too reckless. I thought they are always the same.

So most of the night, I was trying just to re-coup. And then I sold at top, big size (tilting again), I was at break-even and even some profit. But I held, I thought it would still go down. US data was bullish.

And thinking that it would go further down, I added another lot size short and thats where the root problem occurs. That last position caused me lost (overall) which I dont want end like this. I went back in and in and in like how it always occur.

My FXDD account got margin called twice. Year's profit gone plus some loss. My Oanda is still ok, hanging on where it is.


Fuck me. I am going nuts trying to trade the market. I should really find more discipline in myself.


FFXD said...

Don't lose courage buddy, it's a part of this business. If it makes you feel any better, you probably won't commit to the same mistake again after this blow.

Risk Control Master said...

Take a rest and come back Bro.

Black said...

Thanks guys. I really should start taking things more seriously and work on a plan for trading.

Ayumi said...

Realize our mistakes and minimize the damange Black, I am sure you can do better than this!

Black said...

Thank you Ayumi. I realize it always and make the same mistake. I need to go somewhere to meditate..

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