"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Part 1 : Back from the dead and into the game

Yes im back finally after funding my Oanda account... Fyi i busted my FXDD account. LOL.
Went into hiding and meditate. Reflect on every aspect of my trading style, learn from mistakes.

My first trade with my account is a disaster as i chose to place a bigger lot. Reason being, FIRST TRADE MUST MAKE IT BIG!!! The success of this trade will be a good omen for a start!!

Hell yea im so wrong... big lot = bigger pressure = unwillingness to place further stop loss. Hence my stop loss was being triggered by "noise" when actually my trade should turn up profittable had my stop loss been slightly further.

Then thereafter i became PUSSIFIED and starts placing much smaller lots, and fortunately enough, they are profittable. Then i tot to myself, all these small wins cant or bearly make up for my big loss i had earlier... Something has to be done..............

Finally, i make an effort to do a calculation on my capital and came out with a lot size that is much more acceptable, not too big, not too small. No pressure n no regrets. No regrets as in i wont whine about "IF I HAD PLACE A BIGGER LOT" bla bla bla...

Fortunately again i made it! It hit TP and im over the moon and sun and stars and comet and meteor and space shuttle and and whatever u find up there. GODLY! From all the small wins till now, i had quite a streak... i almost forget what my dad's name is dammit... I lost myself and start to look for a position to get into again........... aiming for a "MONSTER KILL" (If u play DOTA, u will know wat that means)

DANG!!!! Wrong move... bad price bad position. Got shot in the head. The devil inside me came out from my ass again... My placing of stop loss.. i totally ignored stop loss placing, instead i went in another position so as to offset my previous losing position should the price go in my way again.. I GOT RIPPED... Picking up myself together, i got the courage to close both position at a big lost... All my profits earlier dissolve together with my ego. Fall back to earth with a bang... AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!

The above totally sounds familiar...was it like 6 months ago? Cant remember...

Put the past behind, take a step forward

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