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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Monthly Review: FXDD + Oanda + PokerStars

FXDD: +8.12% (8 trades, basically most from the NFP this month)
Oanda: +4.26% (No count, most are scalps)
PokerStars: -5.67% (Most active, least result)

As you can see, my attention recently has been slowly drifting from trading to hold'em poker. School started early this month. And I'm probably gonna have even less time for the next 3 months or so.

I probably didn't trade much because I was afraid my profit will be taken away? Or has recent detachment from this activity doesn't exert that much pressure on me to do slightly better? As for poker, the more I thirst to recoup my money, the more they run away, like how I was when I started trading forex.

ANON pointed out something interesting in his recent post which got me into thinking mode. Why do you do it? Why do we trade forex? Why do we play poker? (Off track a little, besides his point, you should really check out those photos he posted)

I wanted to learn to trade the stock market initially. I wanted the skill to make money. And I know many people who are rich, trade the stock market; doesn't necessary mean people who trade the stock market, are rich.

So my colleague was introducing forex market to me. He was trading then, and taught me a lot of basic stuff and chart reading. I juz wanted to learn some derivatives, I want to make money. Telling people you trade the currency market sounds cool? He has already quited fx after major losses and now invests in REIT.

But I know too, that there are price to pay. But I need to take the first step. Like the saying goes "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die." One example..

Some people who find out you invests or trade and ask you immediately:

They: "So you earning from trading?"
Me: "No.. not at the moment.."
They: "EEEYYERRRR" (typical Singaporean reactions)
Me: "It's not something that is quick buck or you win immediately, some times you pay to learn you see. Besides.."
They: "Nah! better don't touch these things, get your hand scalded. These are simply gambling."

Well. Earlier days I do try to defend the currency market from people who claim its gambling. But no longer bothers.

Anyway, back to why I wanted to trade. I just hope I can make long term money out of it, and like Jules, I prefer my own life. Although I know it's pretty hard and pressurizing when your bread n butter depend on trading. But I don't have to do what I don't like to do in office.

As for poker, I used to think that it's simply gambling. But when I started to learn the game, I also found out the "psychological" part of it - the bluff. That is what got me so interested in the game. It is the trigger point I started the poker highway.

Anyway, let's hope for the better in September!



ANON said...

Glad it made you think too (:

Black said...

You mean the reason I play poker or your pictures? :D

ANON said...

Oh, beautiful women, definitely. Hahaha.

Ayumi said...


Likewise we met people and there are many people out there will give us 'different' comment.. most of the time is negative~

No matter how, we are going to take our first step and make it happen for ourselves, and I believe you are doing great at this part!!!

I strongly believe someone like you who has make it an effort, will surely make it!

Black said...

Thanks Ayumi!

I wish I had discipline like yours. Its good to know someone out there feeling the same. :)

Bottle said...

Totally feel for ur comment bro.. The first impression of some people have on trading can really get me pissed... Not sure y though, mayb its their negativity. I think tt its really great we dare to open up to other opportunities.. And this first step tt we took, we shld really be proud of it. Lets clap n hug... Lol.

Black said...

yes, let the punggol face PREVAIL!

badloi said...

wow..nice post you have..keep it up..

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