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Friday, August 6, 2010

6 Aug, Eur/Usd - Non-Farm Payroll

Traded in the London session with my mobile in office today. Scalp a few pips there.

Wasn't very particular with Oanda during NFP release because right before the release the pip-spread went up to 10. So I switched my focus to FXDD's fixed spread of 2. I did scalp a bit off though, after Oanda's pip-spread went back down to about 1.2.

I was pretty bullish with the pair. I did not do a single sell in the movement. I lose too much to know that such news release is not for you to catch every kind of move in every direction. I just kept buying. Like the "catapult" in my June NFP, I juz kept buying at every pull back.

After I'm done, I left one small size pip to run. Because I noticed in some NFP night, the market does not go back to where it starts when the data is so bearish to USD. When the pair continue pushing up, I added another position. It struggle for some time there and expectedly, my balls shrink and I closed that position with only one pip. My original position continue to roll but also closed pre-maturely. Wasted about 20 pips there.

Short night and I'm gonna enjoy the long weekend.

+75 pips.



ANON said...

Good job =)

Black said...

thank you!

Risk Control Master said...

nice work there on scalpping 75 pips!

Black said...

Thanks RCM! Great to hear from you!

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