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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poker: 19 Aug - Beats Beats Beats!!

I'm kinda on tilt after tonight's lost. But I try to take a deep breath and move on to grab some profits back.

These 2 days of losses were more or less result of recklessness. I didn't lose 'em by being "grinded" slowly. I lost 'em thru' all-ins.

Two nights back, as posted in my Twitter. I went all-in pre-flop with a big slick (A K). I lost to a pair of A J when J appeared on the river. Followed by all-in with a pair of A J and losing high card to big slick. *SPIT*!

Earlier, I was doing fine until I did the all-in shit again. One guy raises high pre-flop, I held big slick again. Because I see he was loose and all-in a few times previous hands. So I went all-in. And he did without hesitation.

Big Slick VS Q 9.

9 appeared in Turn. I got busted. The other table I was holding a 6 A. The floor was 6 2 2 3 6. I raised before showdown, thinking I made a full-house. He went all-in. I called. He held a 6 3. 6 full house of deuces loses to 6 full house of 3s. For a moment I felt like throwing the mouse out of the window.

My last big loss tonight, I didn't really know what he held. I was holding Big Slick again (the bigger the card, the greater your lost, or maybe I'm not good enough). The flop came A K Q.

Wow! Who's better than me now? Everyone checks and I raises high and then one of them (out of two) remaining calls. The turn came J. This time that fellow went all-in. I didn't know what to do. I kinda feel that he had turn a set. Obviously a straight if you ask me. I folded and let go of my pair of big slicks.

Result: -$3.89



longandwrong said...

AK, known as "Big Slick" or "Anna Kournikova" because it looks good but rarely wins much :-)

Black said...

Exactly L&W! I have to learn to play slow with these cards.

This big slick A K works more like a Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK47) against me. :(

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