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Monday, August 16, 2010

16 Aug, Eur/Usd & Poker Sunday

Off from trading a week. So I came back, with a little scalp. I haven't been long with the market so I didn't hold it too long. Just simply catching a small direct movement.

Anyway apologize if now the layout of the blog looks a bit fanciful. I decide to put the twitter back so that if I had no time to put, I can still post some short updates using my mobile to the twitter.

Thanks to ANON, I subscribe a number of poker blogs through his site. I played number of games in Pokerstars last weekend. I went out very early in a Double Or Nothing game but managed to cash profits back in a micro cash games.

Very lucky, both times (bigger wins), I hit a set on the turn, and in both hands, I had Ace two suited, once hearts and the other time diamonds. The first i hit a flush and the second a straight where i all-in after opponent raise before showdown. Feels good. I'm on for another game now.

FX: +6 pips.
Hold'em: +$2.16


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