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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black September Review

FXDD: -24%
Oanda: -0.86%
PokerStars: -4.15%

Full RED month! Very bad month for me. September NFP I tilted badly, one year after live trading, not much progress as it seems. It's been a long month. I could not catch up with trading, only occasional poker in between my assignment.

Will be even more tight during work (new project in the testing phase), still rushing my school work back home. Even family poker has been cut down drastically. Time of the year, when everytime comes to you, trading & poker have to been withdrawn for the time being. I'm looking forward school hols after mid-November, after which it will be my last semester of night classes, when everything will end by May 2011 - something I waiting for 3.5 years.

I still read up poker books I ordered recently, on my journey to work or breaks during work. I recently finished with The Tao of Poker - by Larry W. Philips, introduced to me by ANON. Got time I will write a review on it. It doesn't teach you technically what to play on poker but what you mindset should be throughout poker games, which is fundamentals of poker, that can relate even things in our daily life.

I'm proceeding on the book Dan Harrington on Cash Games Volume 1, introduced to me by L&W. After only the introduction it gets me going non-stop. The writing is concise and easy to understand, and it gives a lot of insights, spells out little things that is happening but we do not know (or maybe only I don't know).

Trying not to squeeze my tight schedule to jeopardize my trading or poker. I want give myself more room to learn so I probably will be slowing down as you can see. I'm still keeping up with all of your blogs with my mobile RSS reader. All the best and..

Good luck to everyone!


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