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Friday, October 8, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect, it simply means the more you practice the better you will get.. at least thats what the explanation is for GoEnglish.com Idioms .

It suddenly comes to my thoughts one day.. u know, im a dreamer... always dreaming and particularly, Daydreaming. I believe im not alone though. We all dream to have a better life, that particular model of sport car, that dream vacation at some weird corners of the world etc etc, the list goes on and on. After some thinking, it comes down to only 2 possible ways i can thought of to make that dream comes true. Its either u earn with close to 5 digits figure a month (USD MIND YOU! NO RUPIAH NO YUAN!!) or being a super lucky dude who win any lucky draw even when u r chewing gum, holding that wrapper that says You won yourself a trip to bla bla bla.

Bottomline, blunt but true. Money

A Daydreamer, but one that got the drive to make them come true, like a handful out there, i picked up trading to fulfil that dreamy part of my life. Started reading on dudes who make it BIG trading and i really mean BIG. They are my idols. I told myself i wanted to be like them~!~!
After trading for 8 to 10 months, i find that i am still way behind them. Almost thinking that its impossible to be like them. Even till now, no significant progress. Slow i would say.

Whenever my mood got affected by a lousy trade, bad thoughts like shit im not going to make it big with this bla bla bla and all that negative stuff, i try to make myself feel better so as to go on this long journey to success.

I try to relish on the first day of learning to drive @ the driving center. Remember the first time trying to move off the vehicle like a pro? And keep failing and frustrating, feel like grabbing that instructor seated beside u by his head and yank it for not able to teach u the "holy grail" to driving?

How bout riding a bicycle? Being amazed at how adults able to balance themselves on just 2 wheels while going so fast?? U keep trying n trying, ur dad keep teaching n teaching... TADA!! Now u ride like a pro with just 2 wheels. 2 months ago u were amazed by how it is possible, 2 months later you r part of the impossible and thought nothing of it.

Both the above example are 2 of the simplest things that we can do. But that little boy who saw u riding a bicycle thinks that u r super cool! How the hell he balance himself with only 2 wheels so well? And maybe that teenager who just started his first lesson on driving, amazed by how smoothly u moved off while driving a manual car.

Both scenarios, first timers thinking what possible techniques that u possess and they did not. For me on the above 2 scenario, been there done that. But now, in trading, im the first timer. That little boy, that young chap.But I know whats the technique, PRACTICE. Though i used to be like that little boy before, seeking the holy grail/technique to successful trading.

Practice makes Perfect,. Can you remember how many trade u have executed already? Of all that SLs and TPs hit, all that analysing u did since day one? These are all practices. I cant remember how many trades i had so far, all i can remember is, most are bad trades........ =(
Lol, but at least i found out many bad habits of mine and try not to commit them again! (Thats comforting......)

So yes, to me, its really simple... Practice! Try to keep going for as long as possible. For as long as u can go, the more u can trade and every trade is a practice session. No matter the amount. My progress since day one hasnt been significant, but definitely slowly and steadily. One of the most obvious yet forgotten improvement is the amount of trades i execute a day. I used to trade so much like 5-10 times a day. The urge to trade and fail badly. This bad habit is starting to disappear as far as im concern. Now i trade once a day or nothing! Comes to me so naturally that i forgotten about it till i review my monthly trades.

Keep doing something over and over and over and over and over again. You can only get better and better and better and better at that something.

Practice Makes Perfect


Anonymous said...

The trick is to not to fall into the trap of that other English saying...

"Banging your head against a brick wall"


Bottle said...

lol true. hope that mistakes are learnt n not repeated over n over again

Attitude Trader said...

Great to see you back!

You just have to try to find that distinction between banging your head against the wall (repeating what's not working) and determination to succeed (working at it until you find what does work for you).

Keep at it!


Bottle said...

hey thanks AT! totally agree with wat u say.. only time will tell if mine is in the right direction =)

good luck at all ur trades yo??

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