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Thursday, July 5, 2012

BACK! Diablo & a Trade

Been such a long.. long....... time since we last blogged, in fact for me, even traded. Ever since 15th May Diablo took our soulstones, my iMac has been serving to save the sanctuary from evil. Bottle and I both went for the collection that day in Funan IT Mall. The crowd was crazy, I wondered for other countries if it was the same. If not for the physical box or possible posters to come with it, I would have bought it online instead. In the end we only got the mouse pad as an addition as the posters ran out of stock.

 This is the event stage, where there were lots of selling of Diablo products, like their official Mouse, Earphone etc. which was damn costly.

Queue a few loops throughout the whole width of the shopping mall entrance.. for hours. In some ways me and bottle got past that lot and went in to get our verification ticket quickly LOL. 

The Koreans killed Diablo (normal level) in just 6 hours, when I was barely home and halfway installing the game. A time-consuming good though, primary objective is to find as much and as good item as possible, to clear level or sell them in what they call the Auction House with in-game gold or REAL MONEY. Not much luck so far for me, only earned a $2usd.

Besides trading, my poker volume have also dropped drastically, rendering a downgrade of vip level back to bronze star. I been taking the day to search for job, been out for half a year now and I'm think its too long. I either need to quickly find one as soon as possible or I have to make full use of my time learning more trading and poker.

Bottle reminded me not to steer away from our trading goal. We always remind each other and keep each other on track, though I supposed he's the one who remind me more often. I must stop wasting my time surfing social networks and reading about other people's life.

Back on a trade today. A very simple set up, crossing down and breaking below cloud. Target right above previous cloud. (if only it works all the time....)

Happy Independence Day to US friends!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antonie de Saint-Exupery

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Bottle said...

ALRIGGHHHTTTYYY... Lets warm up our engines brooOOOOo! Enough of Diablo!!!

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