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Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNG: 2nd Place, Upcoming Week

Didn't trade for the past two days. Busy and waking up early due to some event function for my company. Managed to find a little bit of time for a SNG match on stars earlier.

The match started well, people get knocked out quite fast. Until when there were 5 people left the match was quite a drag. I could have knocked out one guy after drawing the nut flush on the river, but I didnt bet his whole stack. I bet two times pot size on river so to leave him 400 chips so that someone else could knock him out for the bounty, stupid.

Until when there were 3 of us left, there was a lady (i'm not sure if its really one but her nick sounded like it) who "kicked me in the nuts". Consecutively two hands went like this against her:

I held JJ.
Raised pre-lop 2 bb.

Flop - 9TJ

I didnt bet a lot becuz it seems dangerous.

Turn - K

I bet one big blind again and she called.

River - 7
She called my two bb bet again.

Naturally, she turned over a QK for a straight, on flop.
Next hand,

I held TT
I raised another pre-flop with 2 bb (been raising wide range of hands for 2 bb)

Flop - T39
I flopped the nuts again, and bet on it. Two of them called.

Turn - 8
She checked, despite hitting her straight draw, I bet and they called.

River - 6
She bets, we called, and she turn over QJ and groped us by below.
During heads-up, I think both of us can't wait to tear one another apart after such a draggy session, when three players left (me, the lady and another opponent). The "another opponent" is the one left who heads-up with me. Lost my last pot on 77 vs 99 all-in pre-flop.

And after the session, as always, I find myself running to the toilet. I managed to only knock out one guy for a bounty though.
School will be resuming next week, my last week end for enjoyment. I am probably putting trading and poker aside even more for this four months ahead to complete my last semester of school smoothly.

I considered leaving my current job so that I can focus on my last semester of school and then have a "trial" of doing trading/poker full-time for the next four months. But how many of us dare to leave a "stable" job so that they can have "unstable" income? Hardly anyone I know does, let alone the fact that I haven't had record of consistent profits in either field.

If I plan to move on from my current workplace, then its time to plan which step to go before landing my foot blindly. Its time to find a field or industry for a career soon. I need to know what I wanttttttttttt........... Passion vs Money?????



Soma said...

Awesome. I played poker before coming over to Forex. I was grinding HUSnG's. Used to post on 2p2 a lot too.

Black said...

Hello Soma, seems like a lot of traders are poker players as well!

Thanks for dropping by!!

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