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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grinded from Grinding

Didnt do very well yesterday. Wanted a short grinded but got grinded instead. When the whole house is tapping for my wireless broadband connection, I got problem with my poker. I often got sit out of the table table due to time out. And thats when I wanted a little faster pace and opened a second table, which was the first mistake made. I cant multi-table yet.

Lost my first buy-in NL Hold'em Cash Games Short-handed 20-50bb, $0.05/$0.10. I grinded back my loss thereafter. But trouble came at the second table. Lost a few critical pots. I felt sucky after all-in preflop my AKs vs QQ. Flop came KT3, turn 7 and river a............... Q!!! Well, 2 outs, but it still happens.

Following, was flopping a mid pair, i was holding K9. Board was A96 T 9. I raised on river obviously. That guy was good. He didnt bet like he had pocket aces on flop and turn at all. WhAm! He takes down the pot again.

Taking a short break tonight to settle some personal stuff. Till then!


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