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Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Jan, Non-Farm Payroll

I know I said that I shouldnt be trading NFP anymore, but I decided to take on it tonight, on a different approach - an approach I used in the previous major data release trade some time back.

The forecast was bearish for the dollar, the actual data, unemployment rate was better, but the Non-Farm employment change was 103K, not as worst than forecast, but still very bearish. Here was my unbiased approach tonight:

Few minutes before the release, price was hovering 1.2960.

Buy-stop: 1.2980 (5000 units)
Stop/loss: 1.2970
Take-profit: 1.3 (I changed to 1.3050 later which was a stupid move, because I have to close my position manually, I may experience slippage like before. NFP have super high volatile movement.)

Sell-stop: 1.2940 (5000 units)
Stop/loss: 1.2960
Take-profit: 1.292

The point of this approach is to enter at the single spike or dip, and set tp & sl tight so that you get auto-exit instead of closing manually. I was lucky enough to close without slippage. +13 pips and thats for me tonight. The long and juicy candlestick looked attractive enough to grind for more but thats how I had huge lost in previous NFPs, when after going in for more I always ended telling myself I shouldn't have made myself stuck in some kind of situation. So that is all for the night.

Good luck to your trading and enjoy the weekend people.


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