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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forex: Eur/Usd +26

Back to some grinding action on my FXDD. My school will start on the last week of this month. Final semester, I want to put more focus into my last semester of studies to push up my GPA score, trying my luck to get a second lower class honours degree, or maintain my third class. So I might put poker and trading aside from there.

News night. Unemployment claims, bearish USD data. I am not touching NFP tomorrow. Anyway, I bought euros against the dollars on the data. I average-in when the price is going up, total of about 8000 units. FXDD MetaTrader's new pipettes confused me at first - I thought woah! I was up 80 pips in a split second, but it was actually pipettes. Sounds dumb.

Anyway, I know its an overall downtrend, so I did not put my position for long. After about an hour or so struggling, my first position hit my take-profit. Second position made another twenty minute struggle, before it was pushed off the resistance at red 50 sma and 38.2 fibo level. I closed my second position before it dips. Both were profitable.

Arrow up were my positions, second one which is a average-in.

Struggling at fibo level. There was a spike up, but didnt last. Trend continues.

+26 pips.

Good luck for your tradings!


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