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Monday, January 17, 2011

Start of Week!

Good Monday people. Its US holiday, but the market is not very stagnant either. Decide to change the layout of our blog so that it don't look too fanciful.

Had a short 200-hands only over the weekend on stars, $.10, 6-handed, 40-100bb. Players are generally tougher on the tables. Had a few lucky cards and double my buy-ins, but slowly got grinded and left with lesser profit. I was trying two-tabling also, still trying to get used to it.

Did a short on Eur/Usd and made micro profits. Taking super small long-term on Aud/Usd also. I should learn how to swing a little more without being affected and checking the prices like 24/7, it is still running, two orders were filled.

Had a Sit & Go Knockout with a friend moments ago too. Barely win a hand. I was folding and folding and got bluffed out a huge pot. That bluffer was smart, but he is mean too. How do you guys feel about being bluff and that bluffer turn it over and show you?

He knocked out 3 guys (including my fren) before he went out. Blinds were killing me so I had to shoved pre-flop. I doubled my stacks are winning a few blinds, because my tightness people knew I had good cards for shoving. Until my last hand I was A3s vs A7 and that sent me off. An ace on turn didnt help.

That was it for tonight.

Good luck with your chart and tables!



Ayumi said...

Chart for me, Chart and Tables for you Black!
Welcome back!


Black said...

Thank you! Gambate!

Long and Wrong said...

Poker is a game of incomplete information, showing a bluff is extra info so I love it when they do it.

Black said...

Quite true. I remember there was once I wanted give my opponent "a little information" so I turned over my bluff, to make him probably bet on me later when I got a real hand. About half hour later, when I heads up with him on a hand, he shoved on the river, I folded my supposedly winning hand and he deliberately turned over his bluff to me. I thought he was trying to revenge lol.

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