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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poker: Weekend Grind

Yesterday I played another Sit & Go [Knockout], and came in fourth. :( that was sad. I played my best but i still think the problem with me is not being aggressive enough.

Later I switch to cash games and met a couple of hands like this:

Post-flop all-in when board: 844

I was holding 88 (the goddamn nuts, less double 4), and opponent was TT.

T came on the river :o

Next hand, opponent shoved all-in pre-flop, I was holding KK. He turned out 88.

The board came 479 T J, giving him a straight. I accepted it, but would have felt better if I lost to triple 8s instead.

Today I juz played cash games. 6-hand 20-50bb $0.10, I usually choose the lowest average pot table, until I am more comfortable enough to move up. Had a nice profit after 200-hands, I am not multi-tabling until I can play my single table with consistent profit. I did played well today I felt, on top of that, I think the table is generally weak and cards were lucky.

A local team pokerstars pro is online right now, Bryan Huang - the only Singaporean in team pokerstars pro. I wonder how is life being a Singaporean team pokerstars pro.

Have been staying at home throughout the weekend, its time to go out and take a break.

See ya!


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