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Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Review

I saw FX's review for this year then I remembered it's time that I should do one my own too. It's good to reflect. Come to think of it, it's been about 1 year 4 months since Bottle and I started trading live. Like any other newbies, we started off energetic, with only the perfect dream of financial freedom in our mind, like as if within reach simply by working hard.

But time showered us with love and lessons. With our first account almost wiping out, after experiencing how vicious the market could do
to us. I don't think anyone will understand what tides traders went through without experiencing themselves. I was pretty focused and consistent at the first and second quarter, slowly crawling my profits to new heights, until one single NFP that sent my losses to new low, which crushed my confidence to fire up the MetaTrader until today (+10).

Along the way, the comforting Oanda account
(opened in June) with fresh records still doing okay. Until another NFP sent it spiraling downwards in a single night. I managed to recoup it halfway, until one trading day then send it back to square one. NFP is a lesson. You see the label at the side there "Non-Farm Payroll", it's history. I'm not blaming NFP, but simply the way I handle it. I'm not there yet.

During June, I caught the "poker bug". No doubt it really diversify my attention for trading. Texas Hold'em is a new interest. I used to think that poker is simply pure gambling. Until I found out it is partly a skill game, I mean it is still gambling. But you can work on your skill unlike going to casino and play the roulette or big small, where the odds are largely against you.

I bought a lot of poker books, I want to learn and improve. But working hard and showing results are two different things. At least I come home knowing and loving what I do now. We need more time and experiences.

My results for this year anyway:
FXDD: -7.14%
Oanda: -11%
Pokerstars: -25%

Omfg. So sick. I did grab my courage and traded a short one. It's time to slowly pick myself up, learn from my mistake and embrace the new year ahead.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Money Money Come Come!



Ayumi said...

Hi Black

This is the journey that we need to go through, I face the wooping double account size, and then back to square too, and also suffer a little losses and a series of 7 constant losses, however, who did not have this experience?

It is time we learn the best could come, it is so lucky we didn't burn our account, and we still manage to learn, and relearn, and protect our capital so that we can trade for another year, or two or three years, even forever!

I am glad that I know you, experience the high and low of our trading together.

I wish that you can regain your focus, and get your 'form', in the Chinese New Year, the year of Rabbit, brings u the abundance of wealth, and prosperity!


Black said...

Thank you so much Ayumi! Your comments are sweet.

I'm glad to know you too and follow your blog because you are a devoted trader, and that inspire me.

Lets work hard in this year of Rabbit together! I wish I could pay you a visit to get 'ang bao' from you! lol :)

All the best!

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