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Monday, February 7, 2011

Today Is The Day! (Warning: Lengthy)

Chinese new year celebration was great. The reason besides gathering with relatives, is also because I'm not yet married and I don't have to give ang bao - red packets. But instead, I'm still receiving them from relatives and married cousins $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Like every year, I went to the cemetery to pay my late grandpa a visit on the very first day of lunar new year at dawn. It's tiring but I think it is still important for us to pay respect to our ancestors. Funny thing about this year was, while we were there, we saw a group of Bangladeshi workers strolling along the road in a group, singing and playing musical instruments like some tambourine and bass drums. They seemed to be having a great time, I thought it was cool too, but what's with the place they chose to party?

Visiting for me is simply gathering, eating, drinking and gambling. I think I kinda touched every form of gambling we played at homes. Nothing is greater than the yearly "bonding" session we had with one another. From Blackjacks, to Dai Dee (Big Two, some call it the chinese poker), Mahjong, and Texas Hold'em (the firstime we played this for new year). All the hyper-links to the explanation of these games seem to give police who are reading this evidence to nail me.

Our home game of blackjack are nothing like the casino's, this is much about luck to me. Big two is my favorite, I can safely say I'm good at it. Mahjong is a skill game to me, and I am super duper bad at it, let alone playing with my uncles' who are like old-timer to this game. I learned this game frm young simply sitting beside my mother who used to play with her frens. I can never quite anticipate opponent's hand as much as I could do in Big Two.

Hold'em is a new game to us. I had two home games last week. One with my cousins, one with Bottle and frens. My cards were good during the game with my cousins. I kept hitting sets and even quads on one of the hands. I didn't make the full use out of those monster hands becuz the pots that night were already a few times higher than usual, despite playing pot limit. Tried to keep it frenly and hopefully no one take things personal, unless playing with strangers.

Bottle played very well that night. He threw more hopeless hands away than he used to play, which was very loosely. He bet into monsters and was one of the winner. That night was the first ever hold'em session my cards ran worst than bad throughout the night. Besides hitting the wall with good hands, I didn't hit any top pairs on flop and missed my flop most of the night. Juz naming a few:

Worst Pot Lost
Me: 6d 7h - straight (i re-raised like no tomorrow lol)
Board: 4c 8c Jh 5c Ks
Opponent: Ac 3c - flush (we both made the set on turn)

Me: As 5s - straight (I folded on river)
Board: 2c 3c Qh 4c Jc
Opponent: Kc Jh - flush on river

Me: Ah As (pocket Aces, lost most of my buy-ins here)
Board: Tc 7h 3h Qs Ts
Opponent: Ks Th (set of Tens on river)

Me: 6c 9c (all-in on flop)
Board: 2c 5c Ac Th Kc
Opponent: Jc Ts (Jack-high flush on river)

I witnessed that night how cards could screw you up, just like the market, except its cheaper, totally. One full night of torture lol. I am lying if I tell you yeah that night was fun though. I seriously can't wait to go home lol, but of course I enjoyed my time with my friends. They are improving every time I played with them, it was my first lost against them so I need to work harder.

Back to work today and taking the next two days off to do my sch assignment. In fact I just completed a quiz earlier before posting. Gonna be busy. Tomorrow night dinner with my family. Gonna hunt some seafood fine dining.

Traded today and Asian session was a torture. I had awful entry for both Eur/Usd and Aud/Usd pairs and exited once they were in favor, took like the third hour of London session, when the bearish German Factory Orders, that pulled the skirt off Eur/Usd to my take-profit level.

After all my positions were closed, I finally, after six months in my Oanda account, do I see the balance at the profit level once again. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just recouped my Oanda account today. It is probably lucky and maybe short-live but it is a day worth celebration. My FXDD account is still under the blackhole and still can't see the light.

Anyway, I will still try to post whenever there are actions, thanks for all the support all these while. I know I'm boring shits out there with my wordy lame posts but I will do better!

Good luck to your charts and tables! For married couples out there, red packets is just a tradition, I accept paypal! :-)


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