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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poker Heads-Up & School Sucks

It's been a while.. again. Been super busy with work and school at nights. There are 4-5 assignments at hand right now and free time are only having a few hands of poker, barely had time to have drink with friends even.

My plan now is to resume trading after my very last exams, which will be upcoming end May. After which, I will put time back to chart analysis and swing trade, because I don't want to have intensive trading yet. I seriously can't wait for school to be over with.. this 3.5 years seems like 35 years to me. At least within this working/studying 3.5 years, I managed to learn the fundamental basics of trading and poker. After that I will have lots of own time.

I just bought an iMac recently at our yearly IT Show in Singapore. I remembered FX said, once you go iMac, you won't go back to Windows. Haha I agree.. it has very nice usability and everything is simpler. I preferred a desktop since my school is finishing, and I bought an Acer notebook 3 years back but I barely carry it around. So a desktop, without a CPU, is the reason I go for it. Carried it home, plug just one wire and ready to roll!

As for pokerstars, after my huge drawdown early march playing 10c cash games multi-tabling, I haven't really stepped back to cash games. Right after, I played a bit of 18-men SNGs (Sit & Go) and 9-men SNGs, I even go for some micro turbo 90-men SNGs, all without much luck. SNG is a different play with cash games as you all know. I think cash games require a bit more skills, and SNG require skills early game, and the fishes like me have their chance to catch up late game when the blinds grow big.

Since end last week and this whole week, I have been grinding some HUs (heads-up) SNG and had lotsa fun. Yea fun because I won haha. I played 2+0.2 HU and 2+0.1 HU-Shoot-out - shootout meaning 4-men heads-up.

I used to have much fear playing HU because it is some thing you have to give your full focus, like when your opponent is tight, starting to bluff, starting to attack or withdraw, basically the rhythm of things. So I don't dare to go more than two tabling at once. I wonder how pokerstars' superstar showdown, where they go four-tabling against the SAME opponent is like OMG.

I can't really tell why I'm on winning streaks for HU at the moment, probably most of opponent I meet are taking micro-stakes for fun. HU is very different from full table. I had fun, and learn even if I lose. My results this week is 20-8. 8 of the lost, 2 of which are the same opponent, the other 2 is against my good friend, and the other half are some one else. My 20 wins are from different opponents. It probably mean that the same opponent who beat me twice seriously outplayed me in some ways. But by winning once, doesn't mean anything probably, that's why I don't re-challenge opponent I won LOL.

Still got half the assignments to rush. And I hate Mondays omg. As writing it's Sunday night and I can't bear to go to sleep. Wet weather this week and I didn't went to jog for my training of IPPT - Individual Physical Proficiency Test every Singaporean men have to take every year. You get some money if you get pass with certain points, more money with silver medal, even more with gold medal.

I only got gold once in my national service days and after that test I told myself it will never happen again. Almost run to death. 2.4km in 9.24min (gold is <9.45). After my service I had two years of silver, last year I had a passed with money because of some operation before the test. I am targeting a silver this year but I think it's gonna be tough. I never had problems with static stations (sit ups, shuttle run etc) but running is a serious killer. I hate running and I sucks. It takes not only physical, stamina but even mental ability to push through.

Wish me luck, wish you luck, wish everyone luck luck luck!



Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

I got silver for the past 2 yrs of ICT. I'm a uncle already (mid-30s) and my secret to IPPT is to do continueous, consistent, training. ie. slow jog 3km finishing up with 2 sets of dips and chin-ups(10-12 reps each) twice a week.

Enjoy your study time in school bcos if you decide to take on trading full-time, it will be a very boring and lonely journey.

Black said...

keeping fit uncle, no wonder u always got oogle by "aunties" lol!

trading full time might not be within these 5-10 years of scope yet, because one need huge capital and consistency (system and emotional control) and more.. to embark full time. but it will be an ideal dream. :)

thanks for the inspiration, I will post a good result hopefully!

Soma said...

Playing HU 4tables against the same player is actually quite easy, not too different from playing 1 table. But playing HU against 4 different players at once is hard for me. I can't do more than 2 like that. Don't worry about people out playing you at the low stakes. No one is out playing anyone there, heh. If you're really interested in HUSnG's you should post on the 2p2 HU forum and get the Colin Moshman book.

Black said...

thanks Soma for the recommendation, not easy to find heads-up book out there. its under my wishlist now!

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