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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black to Work

Just started my new job this week, am feeling really glad. So sudden as it was quite an immediate position, in a local securities firm, which I am quite happy. Although I am not working as a trader or remisier like that, but handling backend processes of equities. Hope to learn as much as possible and then we'll see. So far so good.

Will be trading and blogging less from now as learning curve is steep and I need to adjust my sleeping time earlier instead of 3am during unemployed days. Though if I happen to learn to trade some shares in the future I might be posting them up too.

Gd luck people on your trading, this blog is not dead yet we'll be back any moment!



Trader32 said...

Congrats on the job black! Can always trade around the 9-5 when you settle down :-)

Black said...

Thank u T32! I hope so, already starting to get a little busy :)

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