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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Black: May Review & Gun Down The Readers

I'm back!! Exams are over, and i hope i am as happy as now when i get the results. Since my last post on Exams saying i will be away, the next day our feedburner reader subscribers dropped less than half. I can't believe the readers wanna get away from this site so much!! Bottle, instead of gunning down the chart, i think we shOULD GUN DOWN THE READERS!!

With her...

Cut the crap. Below is my review for May. I trade so much lesser this month due to exams. Only 12 trades. I hope i can do as good when i have more time to trade too.

Week 1: +58
Week 2: +101
Week 3: +1
Week 4: Exams

Month: +160
Equity: +10.07%

Green green green & green, i'm so happy. Maybe I should have exams every month...NOT. Check out the number of pips i reaped and my equity gained, compare to my April's Review. Obviously, like what RCM said, i was pretty over-sized during my trades in April, losing trades caused a chain of revenge and high risk trades.

After not touching the chart for some time, although i still keep up with other traders' update, i felt kind of lost touch. I think to take it slow starting next week and should not simply jump in. I will continue to focus on Risk:Reward ratio like this month.

Thanks for all the wishes on my exams. Now i wish u all the best in June.



FFXD said...

Welcome back!

Black said...

Thanks Buddy.

Grinder Trader said...

Nice! It's been a wild ride since April1

Black said...

Yes GT, hope you doing good too man.

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