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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rainy May Friday. Mr Chart's Finger Itchy Day.

Yes, exactly now... its raining and the sky is dark. End of days is coming for me and knocking on my door. My equity is falling short. My account is going to get annihilated should i make a few more mistakes during trading. So the brave young and naive Me decided to muster all my courage and all the determination i have, to stop the devil of not following my own trading system to take control and to be discipline for this period of time.

Good news. Bad news.

Good news. I did it. I'm disciplined enough to follow through and wait for all the confirmation and signals before entering trade. Rejoice. But!!!! Check out the above chart.

Blue circle is my entry. That blue line down indicates the crossover of MACD at undersold level.(One of my signal) Second signal is Green 50SMA above Red 100SMA signalling a bullish trend. Both shows a Long opportunity. So there i go, the Red circle is my Stop/Loss and Green circle is my Take Profit.

Bad news is, once again the chart decided to show no mercy to a poor man. He decided to poke and have fun with me, he went on to touch my SL before going up to my desired position. SL was at a strategic position i thought? Below 100SMA with allowance of 10-20 pips.

Ah... im lost for words. The Reds in my account numbed me.

Guess its part and parcel of life yea?


shiro said...

Looks like you have been stop hunted by your broker. But be happy the week has ended. Next week is a new week and good luck next week

FFXD said...

I feel like this is the saddest thing in forex. Have some fun in the weekends and better luck next week. :)

Bottle said...

@shiro - yo shiro, i was clueless at first about this stop hunt thing u were talking about until i googled it. Thanks for sharing, now i learnt something new =)

@FFXD - thanks for the luck. this is the only place i can truely share my feelings after a trade be it good or bad, cos most of you guys i guess more or less xperienced the shit im gg thru before too. we r like on the same boat! ha.. u too yea? take great care n dont get burn out, drowsy med makes u lose focus =)

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