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Friday, March 11, 2011

Add on to Black's Blog Renamed...

Was kinda shock to see the latest topic posted by Black, i thought the recent downtrends in his adventures warrant such a big change. Well, good thing it didnt. Anyway, after reading this post of his... thoughts flooded my mind.

Black is into trading n pokering while im not, i suppose the amount of temptations n discipline needed to sustain and do well in both is quite alot, hence not easy. For me, im more the pussified kinda person/trader... i prefer to excel in one before jumping into the other. Quite often im tempted to put money into a live poker account. Now, i only do pokering on my iphone with fake money. Its ok to show hand since its not real money, and if i needed more, i would just upload a hot chick's picture n ask for $$ from some unsuspecting dudes... hur hur hur... Bottomline, no stress.

Stress, havent been able to totally eliminate it from my tradings. Sleepless nights when trade is going on, having nightmares of lost trades... Drawdowns... It is just so natural.

Even after like 2+++years of trading, i still feel that the market is out to hurt me!! Well many of u will agree with me! I know i sound stupid to say this but, the market for more than i can remember, go against me the moment i enter trade.. And these happens not once or twice but thrice in a row! How many times have i got my Stop Loss hit and immediately went back up to my Take Profit. How many times have i woke up in the morning to see a long candlestick with a long shadow that pierce my SL and its body ending up on my TP?? Seriously...

Not to mention the numerous times when the price is just a pip or 2 away from my TP, and the old granny panty story u heard so many times before retold... "aiya~~~ Miss TP 1pip price shoot down back hit SL ah..." No amount of Aiya is going to save us from this... curse or wateva u call it... Its a trader's nightmare..

Yes, maybe there is something wrong with my TP and Sl settings, but i've did countermeasures. Still all these happen, its like somebody delibrately set me up... HA!

Ok enough ranting n whining, its good to let it out... I've always been more "take it easy" kinda person. But consecutive lost makes me wanna punch a hole in my wardrobe. Lol, but like Black mention... Giving up is never a option, lose a trade, wake up and try another day. But not uninstalling all those trading apps and platforms.. Its good that we've got each other give encouragement to... shoulder to cry on... (Hair standing....) wahaahahahahahaha!

Best of luck Fellow Traders,


Anonymous said...

Hi Bottle,

Great forex blog u have here.
Anyway,just wanna ask some tips.

Which forum will u suggest to learn more things on Forex?

Bottle said...

hi there thanks for the compliment.

Well there is quite a few portals/links on the right hand side of our blog which u may find it useful.

Recently i found out about this site http://forex-strategies-revealed.com/what-is-forex , hope u can find something there which helps. =)


Anonymous said...

thanks bro! anyway, one more question. what are the timing for forex market in singapore time? when does it open and closes?

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