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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Most Stupid Heads-Up Match Ever (Rant)

Played about 150 hands. Basically this guy (I really wish to name him but forget it), is a tight-passive opponent. First one I ever encountered. Here's his style. He doesn't call u when he did not hit, NEITHER does he raise you when he has the NUTS. Weird? I accept this type of player but not losing to him. Why? Here is how the match goes:

Both started off with 1,500 chips.

I played my way to 2,500 vs 500.
All-in, A4 vs 88. He won.

2,000 vs 1,000. We grinded abit and all-in again.
67s vs JQ. Ok fine here he won.

I was down a few flips to about 800 chips vs 2,200 but I slowly grind my way up and avoided flips. Because this guy can only beat me thru' flips. But sadly, to end an opponent you need to flip somehow.

So I fought my way to about 1,800 vs 1,200 again. We flip again K9s vs A8 and rivered an ace so he won.

So I'm left with 600 vs 2,400. I rem the last hand being A9 vs 77. Well, board missed.. so fucking beautifully. I fought so hard for so long for so many hands and it seemed like PokerStars pre-programmed the match for him to win. Well fuck it man.

I am on serious tilt right now. Its worst than a curse I'm going through. It seems like its not about losing now, its about how I fucking lose all these. Never felt worst losing a heads-up match.

Not sure when I will post next because everything has been bust out. So take care and good luck everyone.

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