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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not Dead

Been on four days sick leave last week and had a some personal issues. So for the past two weeks, I have not been thinking, playing, or touching poker. Taking a break at the moment. I have also stopped forex for a while now and looking forward to resume this week.

Been on intensive job search lately. Registered for an CMFAS exam from Institute of Banking & Finance. Hopefully I can land on a new job in the financial industry, although things are looking shaky at the moment.

Yesterday was the Singapore Presidential Election. The four candidates had the same last name. Congratulations to our new President, who has about SGD 4 million salary per annum. It was a very close fight between the winner and runner-up, a vote differential of about 0.34%. With the social networking and the new technology age, elections has become very popular in Singapore. Netizens are voicing out their hatred and loves for the ruling party.

Anyway the elections are over, despite the small winning votes, a win is a win. What I cannot understand is the 37,000s votes that were void. Was it so difficult to draw a cross in the voting ticket?


1 comment:

PRD trader said...

I think Money will not any diierence to the heavy weight job like prescident in any country.

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