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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LWPS Qualifier & Gambling

First night hitting the (online) table after 3 weeks of rest. Took part in a Regional Tourney for a seat to Leisure World Poker Series cruise end of this month, the one I just took part in July. I re-bought once, and during the break time didn't know how to rebuy. I was clicking all over the table including my own avatar until I realized it should be same as cash games.

So I click the dealer chips and saw the add-on button for another 5000 chips and click it but was too late for 0.000001 seconds. So everyone except me and the other guy in a full final table re-bought, and both of us were shortest stack. I was out quickly and couldn't rebuy anymore. Got fucked by Dad for playing poker and he ask me to quit before I get super addicted like my cousin (who had won a few thousand US dollars in cash games & tourneys), who play number of hands a day equivalent to the number of hands I play past one year.

So as all the poker players always face, how can I explain poker is not exactly like the games u play in casinos? I told him its a gambling but it is against other players instead of dealer (who's odds are way up against u). U should noe it is hard to explain that to anyone, in addition to the fact that I haven't been profiting in this poker arena (a question he prompted).

I tilted the moment he screwed me and I haven't even sat down and seen more than 20 hands. Not sure how I shall proceed from here, oh well let's see.


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