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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Again Again!~!~!

Raining cats and dogs and birds right outside my window. Time checked @ 2000H local time again. Opened up browser and found 3 USD major news. ALRIGHT!!!!!

Same routine, i abandoned my desktop and my Final Fantasy 8, power up my laptop... Go for a toilet break and did a last analysing of the market.

Same method used as the previous post on newstrading, 5minutes(as above image) and 1h in uptrend for EUR/USD while downtrend for 4h timeframe. So preferably im looking for bad USD major news result. I WANT TO SEE RED!!!!

2030 local time, news out.
Core Retail Sales RED
Retail Sales RED
and one medium impact news (cant remember what issit) RED

EUR 3points + 1point for downtrend VS USD 1 point for green news.

Went LONG as shown in image, that big green mole is my entry, red one is my exit. My exit is based on a 4H timeframe Resistance. OOPS i just realize that big green mole-like thing should be higher, at around 1.3710 instead of 1.3704. Sorry im lazy to go edit and post that picture again.. LOL

Im kinda lucky though, my exit was very near its high for that period... Else i would have been stopped out @ breakeven before i can hit my TP.


3rd time trying newstrade.. as like previous few trades, very exciting, LOL. Need more tryouts though. This green makes my dayyyyyy... though its abit late already, anyway~~~~~



Lets fly and reach for the stars! Hand in hand, toe with toe, neck by neck bla bla bla bla


Ai Shiang ♒ said...

Ah! I traded that too last night. Do you use 5min chart to trade? I notice you're using 1-hour chart in your last post.

Oh yes, "Ghost" it is. Instead of my silly face, I thought I'd just scribble a word.

Bottle said...

Hey Casper! LOL... O if u notice, i mentioned using 5m 1h and 4h too.

5m for short term trend caused by news release while trying to stay in line with 1h n 4h trend. (As with previous post, fundamental causes 1h breakout from BB. So i tot it would b appropriate to show it in image)

Still trying to figure out which is more reliable though.. i used to trade nothing less than 1H man, my heart couldnt take the pace.. muahahahaha. But have decided to try something new!

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