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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bad Trades of the Night

last nite, watch the price one half hr be4 ECB President annoucement. Sold on top downtrendline, but was still wary if the price will breakout due to annoucement.

Price fluctuate upwards right at the price i sold two micro lot. It was fine, 2% s/l formation firmly behind the fibo line. Price finally looks to breakout above but was a fake. I was too late cuz i did a 'hedging' by buying another two micro lot. And price stop rising immediately after i execute.

Awhile ltr towards the news, price finally went up a bit, i did not close my hedge lot. Instead i close the first trade to minimize loss, but it hadnt hit my s/l, i tot it wld but it didnt. Thru the nite, the price didnt hit my s/l at all. It moves all the way back down. I close my 'hedge' trade with no profit either before it breakdown. Wad a fuck of a nite. Stick to ur fucking system.


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