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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scalp Study 17/09/09

as expected.. price hit our targetted profit with 18pips xtra in our... DEMO account -_-.. ZAO ZHI DAO I LIVE AH!!!

Rules -

1. Patience. Never enter with doubts. Opportunities are plenty.

2. Profit to be set @ price u think will hit and NOT profit u wan to gain.

3.Discipline. Go in only when ALL indicators give green light. 0.1lot ONLY!

4. No ZAO ZHI DAO... it leads to doom.

ok back to wat we said ytd night, price indeed hit bollinger top after a rebound from bollinger bottom crossing mid EMA.

Price rebound from bottom crossing mid EMA signals price wll hit top (with confirmation from 2 up pointing stochastic). But be safe always and dont expect it to happen exactly same. One way is setting slightly lower profit say -1 or -2 pips below. I had incidents whereby price miss my target by 1 or 2 pips and i end up losing about 20pips. GREED...

This has been trial for the fourth time including the one we demo. Results all positive. Further trials will be performed and updated. Thank you.

Last but not least... AH WOO AH WOO!!!


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