"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Black Opening

love your posts bro bottle! black's here!

basically, created this blog for, as u can see from the title, forex. this is no ordinary forex blog, becuz why?? most of the forex blog u found from the search engine are written by experienced forex traders, successful traders, traders with recipe of 'holy grail', and those who post tips on nxt move. but wad black bottle forex is all about, the experiences of the BEGINNING of two lively, fair, innocent-looking and pure young men approaching mid-twenties, but DETERMINED, MOTIVATED & NEVER-SAY-DIE! < i will elaborate this more later..

so do bear with us, or rather, we definitely welcome two-cent worth advice from the experienced. i've only started reading up on forex early this year, traded demo account since may, and juz opened a LIVE account two weeks back. its kinda early, but ultimately still depend on ur risk management to maintain the game.

as always, every beginner thinks that forex is a easy-money, quick-cash kinda market. even to the point in ur demo account, u still felt this way. well, juz long or short the price, it goes ur way, u win! it goes against u, u lose. sound like a 50/50, like buying BIG SMALL in a casino eh? u buy BIG LOT, say 100bucks, it goes ur way, voila! crab feast my treat tonight! it goes against u, alas! i'll hit it with 200 bucks next trade to win! (<<-- revenge of the fallen style)


demo account can sometimes go ur way using the above BIG-SMALL method. becuz u whack 'em like no tomorrow, its fake money and ur tomorrow is simply opening another demo account. 2 demo account of mine collapsed, until i choose to take the 3rd one seriously, and minimize doubtful (like what bottle said), "anyhow" trades..i profited 40% during the month of july, it was a sweet transaction history i saved to motivate myself. becuz right after i loss 'em all as i found out that risk management not only applies on the spot or time being, but it has to be drilled into YOU! my no.1 killer right now as a noob-face is leverage. admittedly, im too new to wield the "double-edge sword", kept cutting myself.. *OUCH*

but NEVER-SAY-DIE, learn from it, it takes time to cultivate urself into an "emotionless" trader, thats it for now, let the game begin! take forex seriously, otherwise when it ripped ur ass, u find trouble when u cant hold on to ur shit nextime!

black - out

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